What Kids Can Learn by Gardening with Mom and Dad

Spending time with your kids not only builds an unbreakable bond but also teaches them life skills they would otherwise not be exposed to. Actually, most parents would like to have more free time to spend with their families but the skyrocketing cost of living has literally forced many moms and dads to work extra hours just to make ends meet. Why not work a garden with your kids which leads to spending more quality time with them?

If you are looking for any one activity that is fun for the entire family but a useful resource as well, gardening should be your first choice. Here are just a few of the things kids can learn by gardening with mom and dad.

Visible Fruits of Your Labor

Sometimes you wonder if your kids understand why mom and dad leave the home every day to go off to work at some obscure job. No matter how many times you explain that you must work to pay the bills and keep food on the table, they still ask why they need to go to the babysitter or to school on any given day.

Putting effort into growing a garden shows them the rewards of a bit of hard work, albeit a fun activity. They learn to weed and water the plants and in the process can see them growing, day by day. They get to eat the fruit of their labor and this can be an invaluable lesson about work ethics. On some level they may understand about earning money, but visible fruits of your labor puts working in a whole new perspective for them.

The Value of Nutrients

Have you ever had a battle of the wits with your children over eating their veggies? Most parents will quickly agree that getting kids to try a variety of new foods can be a grueling endeavor. As you use fertilizer to nourish your garden, explain to the children that this is much like veggies for plants. Without those organic nutrients and a steady source of water, your garden would quickly wither and die.

After learning about tools for applying organic fertilizers and using pest control on sites like My Gardening Network, you can leave one single plant off to the side which goes untreated. Water it infrequently, don’t use nutrients, and then show your children the value of eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Show them how the plants you’ve cared for are flourishing while those with inadequate nutrients are literally dying. You may even find that your kids start asking you for more foods that are good for them. What a shock that would be!

Respecting Life in All Forms

Many parents also use gardening as a tool for teaching their older kids the value of respecting and nurturing life. There is so much your kids can learn from gardening that it’s a shame more parents don’t plant a backyard garden. Whether using small windowsill herb gardens or larger backyard plots, you can spend quality time with your family while teaching the value of life.

Are you overwhelmed Christmas? Some ideas to help

It’s amazing how fast time passes. We are one week in December, and I have to believe it’s Christmas since early November for all products that are in malls from those dates. I look forward to listening to Christmas songs and I’m controlling not put the tree (especially because we do organizational change at home, if not …). Late last month or early this, I was Lidl to buy some stuff and I noticed they were already selling Christmas items and Christmas food already? That was the first thing I thought.

Then I began to overwhelm me. Toys, Santa Claus, Kings, lunch, dinner, shopping, ornaments … And all the remaining Christmas paraphernalia involved Why are there so many things to do on Christmas? Does not be happier simplifying? For me, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Savior, and there is nothing more beautiful than to celebrate with family. I suggest some ways to simplify Christmas and focused on what really worthwhile.

Make purchases in November and early December. Not only saved, otherwise we anticipate the comparer burden (up word) formed in malls. What we are doing this year is to go shopping, as do the weekly shopping for food, add an item we know we will need some meals during Christmas, like ham, pate, cheese, meat, etc. It is this week, but still can be made in early December Anticipating gifts early.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were walking the last days before kings for some toy stores. L was with grandparents and decided to hit. What a racket! You saw the distressed, overwhelmed parents, desperate and looking for some toys. When they were told that they ran, ran to another store! I think this can be avoided if things eventually do. L is still very small, so I can not advance much, lest the kings you buy something and she requests otherwise. But those with older children can go by the letter to the kings and so have things well in advance.

Create your own Christmas traditions Depending on the age of children and family members, you can do many different things. From going to take chocolate with churros, to go to concerts. We left last year to L with grandparents and went to a concert that gave the orchestra with the choir. It was special because we love the work of Handel’s Messiah. Enjoy as ever, being aware that the next year we could not go because we would have very little one to leave with grandparents E. It is best to have a family reunion in late November and think of activities we’d do. Perhaps seeing wander downtown Christmas lights, go somewhere special, visit the circus, make invisible friend in the family … Eliminate excess Christmas sweets (very optional).

We do not eat nougat or marzipan, or shortbread, especially because we do not like. Actually I’m the one who ate when we got married, and I thought “I am not going to buy for stuff myself I”, so I decided not to buy them and do the sweets we like to eat, such as muffins, Argentine bun (recipe here ) biscuits … And this year I will try to make the panetone … yuju! I Hope this can help improve some dates where we’re supposed to be “happier” but in reality are “over burdened than ever. ”

The importance of drinking water everyday

The importance of drinking water

Consuming water several times a day is essential to the welfare practice, proper nutrition and health of both children and adults; without water your body will not work correctly. Here we tell you how much water is recommended and how can include in your daily diet.

Much has been said about what is the amount of water glasses ideal that a person should take in the day; about eight cups or 2.5 liters of this liquid help you, among other things, to recover the water lost through sweat and other secretions of the human body is said. No clutch if you are not a person who usually this habit of drinking water constantly, we speak of the benefits to take:

Why should you take it every day

  • This precious liquid is ideal for the operation of your body , for example in physiological processes, on digestion, absorption and retention of nutrients, and also provides for the disposal of toxic elements.
  • It also lubricates your joints, controls body temperature, maintaining adequate acidity levels, slows the aging processes of any person; among many other benefits.
  • If you are a person interested in looking good and healthy, certainly you should consume daily;Water helps you lose weight, it makes you feel satisfied, suppresses appetite and most importantly helps in the process of metabolizing fat .

How to incorporate water into your daily diet

As you see, drinking water is important for your body, health, welfare, then go ahead and start using it every day, here we will give some ideas for that you incorporate in your diet:

  1. Doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water when you wake up , will help you feel fresher, and have better digestion in the day. In addition to removing toxins from your body.
  2. If you do not like the taste of water by itself, then cut few slices of lemon or lemon drops , and also you favor skin, teeth and blood pressure. Although he remains you add lemon water and give the same benefits.
  3. If you are more creative you can take it with some red fruits , for example some cherries, strawberries or raspberries, they give you a little taste and will serve for a hot afternoon.
  4. Try to keep a bottle or thermos of water , either in your office, at home or in the car, this will help to keep you hydrated and after a while you will take water out of habit and you will not realize when you do.
  5. The water in natural juices, soups, on you, also serves for nutrition and health , then you’ll be providing vitamins and nutrients to your body.

Having good nutrition is synonymous with life with health and wellness. Also means that you are a person who cares be fine, take care and pamper. Think you, in your welfare and that of your children.

Mom wanna be chef: the art of gastronomy

“Mom you want to be a chef, dad I want to study gastronomy” are phrases that many young people tell their parents when they are completing studies at school and must choose their future careers. If this is your case, do not be alarmed, for several years are considered a professional career.

In the gastronomy many young people between 16 and 25 years found his true passion, which moves your life and what you want to spend the rest of their lives or at least much of it.

In the case of Colombia, in a year they can graduate as food technologists and academics from around two thousand students. Mean that the race is on the rise and is gaining adherents, not just young people other professionals want to take it as a second career.

As a multidisciplinary profession, and learn to cook, you will learn about the dynamics, culture and cuisine of other countries; you must also travel to other places to be filled in the cradle of the kitchen as France, Italy and Spain.

In what may work a Chef:

  • Create business as chef.
  • Working in hotels.
  • Working on cruise ships.
  • Working in restaurants around the world.
  • Chief other cooks

If your child has told you that this is what you want to study, it’s time to advise, to be at his side, accompanying him, advising him that the decision to take is best for him and his future.

Here are some ideas of how to support:

  1. Internet searches the best schools or universities where is this profession.
  2. Make an appointment with the dean or professor you can provide help, we clarify the doubts, so you can support your child in this decision and he feels that you are happy with your decision.
  3. Read about the lives of great cooks and chefs, this will show that what matters in life is not only what is studied but the desire that the same student puts, and ideals that have, for example do a specialization in another city or country.
  4. Invite him or her to accompany you to the schools or faculties of food for the two inquire, ask about the profession Suggest another between classes and talk with students and teachers about the subject.
  5. Ask several questions your son for him to question whether this is really what you want, what you want to be when you grow up?What does a professional in this career? What is learned in college?

The important thing is that your children feel supported by their parents, and that in any chosen career are the best.