Four Guilty Southern Pleasures That Are Actually Healthy Treats

Southern cuisine is known the world over for its delectable nature. It’s also known as a major source of carbs, fats, oils and other unhealthy ingredients that when eaten constantly can have major health repercussions. Ultimately, most things in moderation are perfectly fine, but many people struggle with their love for healthy eating and their love of Southern foods.

Believe it or not, there are many Southern pleasures that can be enjoyed that are a lot healthier than you think. When coupled with smart substitutes for select ingredients, almost any dish can be recreated to give you that authentic Southern experience.

Today, I’m going to make sure you know about four guilty Southern pleasures that can be downright healthy for you when prepared properly.

A Side of Okra

Long known for its vegetable-heavy diet, Southern cuisine has a tendency to take great vegetables and make them into unhealthy – but delicious – recipes. With that said, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy delicious Southern vegetables without the guilt.

Okra, once a staple of Southern cuisine, can be prepared in a number of ways. Fried okra is very common in the South, but another delicious way to prepare this recipe involves roasting okra instead. Not only does this keep the okra from having that slimy texture so many people dislike but they also avoid all of the fats and salts that make the more traditional recipe less than healthy.

Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are yet another delicacy many Southerners enjoy – the food was so popular they made a movie of its namesake! This side-dish can be a delectable yet guilty pleasure under normal circumstances, but dodging the unhealthy way of preparation can be done quite easily.

By baking the tomatoes rather than frying them, you have more opportunities to liven up the flavor without creating an unhealthy, waist-expanding comfort food. Whether you want to throw in some chives (read more about the health benefits of chives on Health Row) or create a low-sodium crust, this awesome Southern dish can be made from scratch in under an hour.

Collard Greens

Most people take one look at collard greens and assume it’s a healthy dish. Leave it to us Southerners to find a way to make it fattening! With ham hocks, butter, and other unhealthy additions to most families’ recipes, this green, and leafy legume – filled with plenty of vitamins and benefits – quickly becomes a diet buster.

Instead of cooking them the usual way, try this sautéed collard greens recipe that incorporates lemon juice, garlic, red peppers, and a dash of salt and butter. You’ll feel better for eating better, and this collard greens recipe is still very tasty!

Black Eyed Pea Soup

Another big favorite throughout the South, black-eyed peas often accompany meals that are hearty – and they themselves are often cooked in plenty of butter, grease, and oil.

Instead of taking this approach, why not try spinning the dish into a soup for an added health boost? By throwing it in with your favorite vegetables such as carrots, collard greens, onions and parsley, you can create a dish that’s great for any meal and at any time of the year. With a low-sodium broth included, this dish is sure to remind you of home without reminding you to check the scale.

So many Southern foods are delicious but not necessarily nutritious. If you’re wanting to enjoy those timeless dishes in a way that doesn’t make you feel guilty afterward, these four meal ideas may be right up your alley.

Discover how to use herbs in the nutrition of your family

Herbs have gained prominence in Western cuisine, taste they contribute to soups, meats, sauces, salads and other preparations, is one of the reasons to use when cooking. However these plants are also used for making hot drinks either for medicinal purposes or simply to provide welfare to people.

Thyme, basil, rosemary, mint, celery, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives, tarragon, fennel, laurel, and many more, are part of this family of plants with different properties and benefits of good nutrition.

Here we tell you why you should include in your market from now on, and incidentally we give you a tasty recipe for you to work yourself using appliances.

Natural properties and uses

  1. Thyme:This plant can use both its leaves and flowers to make tea or to perfume and flavored vinegars, oils, curing or making sauces. It combines perfectly with fish, vegetables, lamb, chicken. It is also good because it has digestive properties, stimulates appetite, is healing, etc.
  2. Peppermint: This plant is characterized by its freshness and minty aroma, you can serve as a digestive drink, and you can use tea extract or oil. How about a rich honey minty? Beyond its medicinal properties, this grass can use in your kitchen to prepare a delicious chocolate dessert with mint cream, or cucumber and mint soup, or a refreshing mint and lemon sorbet.
  3. Laurel:It is preferred to marinate fish aromatic plant, prepare vegetables with vinegar, soups, sauces and creams as it provides a taste of sweet and spicy. You can use its leaves either dried or fresh, it all depends on how strong you like the tastes and odors in foods. Try making a leg of lamb marinated in laurel, or a tortilla in sauce with laurel, or adding two dry bay leaves when you’re cooking white rice.
  4. Rosemary:This herb own Mediterranean countries, it is advisable to complete dishes such as drinks, desserts and meats. Ideally, the whole put on the food when you go to cook and then retire. Try putting a few sprigs of rosemary into birds or fish over bake, or how about some sprigs of rosemary in a refreshing lemonade, or if yours is proof baking sprinkle fresh rosemary bread dough and put it in the oven.
  5. Chamomile:this plant as used in the kitchen for aromatic tea, sweet tea, sweets, candy, liquor, among others; You can also use it to flavor your dishes and delight your family, for example with this recipe squid sauce chamomile.

Recipe mint and lemon sorbet: Test crave your family with this recipe that we suggest you


  • 100 grams of sugar.
  • A pint of ice cream lemon.
  • 1 bunch of fresh mint.

Take a bunch of mint leaves and put them to boil in water with sugar. Then remove them from the fire. Tritúralas, and set aside in the freezer until they are frost.

The importance of drinking water everyday

The importance of drinking water

Consuming water several times a day is essential to the welfare practice, proper nutrition and health of both children and adults; without water your body will not work correctly. Here we tell you how much water is recommended and how can include in your daily diet.

Much has been said about what is the amount of water glasses ideal that a person should take in the day; about eight cups or 2.5 liters of this liquid help you, among other things, to recover the water lost through sweat and other secretions of the human body is said. No clutch if you are not a person who usually this habit of drinking water constantly, we speak of the benefits to take:

Why should you take it every day

  • This precious liquid is ideal for the operation of your body , for example in physiological processes, on digestion, absorption and retention of nutrients, and also provides for the disposal of toxic elements.
  • It also lubricates your joints, controls body temperature, maintaining adequate acidity levels, slows the aging processes of any person; among many other benefits.
  • If you are a person interested in looking good and healthy, certainly you should consume daily;Water helps you lose weight, it makes you feel satisfied, suppresses appetite and most importantly helps in the process of metabolizing fat .

How to incorporate water into your daily diet

As you see, drinking water is important for your body, health, welfare, then go ahead and start using it every day, here we will give some ideas for that you incorporate in your diet:

  1. Doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water when you wake up , will help you feel fresher, and have better digestion in the day. In addition to removing toxins from your body.
  2. If you do not like the taste of water by itself, then cut few slices of lemon or lemon drops , and also you favor skin, teeth and blood pressure. Although he remains you add lemon water and give the same benefits.
  3. If you are more creative you can take it with some red fruits , for example some cherries, strawberries or raspberries, they give you a little taste and will serve for a hot afternoon.
  4. Try to keep a bottle or thermos of water , either in your office, at home or in the car, this will help to keep you hydrated and after a while you will take water out of habit and you will not realize when you do.
  5. The water in natural juices, soups, on you, also serves for nutrition and health , then you’ll be providing vitamins and nutrients to your body.

Having good nutrition is synonymous with life with health and wellness. Also means that you are a person who cares be fine, take care and pamper. Think you, in your welfare and that of your children.