What message do we want to launch our children?

A few weeks ago, we were my daughter, my son and I in the elevator. I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m fat”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that day I felt that way. E. In pregnancy I took more weight desired, so I’m still carrying with him. Nor do I obsess much to the topic, since being breast-feeding is not possible dieting. The most important thing is to eat healthy and varied, without overdoing things we know we feel that burn worse or worse.


But that day, tired, overwhelmed and a little slap, was that message which threw my “I” mirror.

The second, my daughter said me too. What!!! Sometimes I say things like “I’m tired” and L says “me too”.

But I did not want that L said, at that time, “me too”!

So I immediately said “no, L, you’re not” and tried to change the message “I’m beautiful!” for her to say “me too”, but now L was already busy with something else.

There is a video that I love, it’s on youtube, and says the role model for our daughters is ourselves. If you do not want, if we do not appreciate, neither will they. The video is called “Project I Am Beautiful” and loved it. When L told me that, I immediately thought of the video and it helped me to think about the message that I am transmitting to L. Our daughters and sons should know that we are beautiful, we respect us and appreciate, that they and they do the same. If we “mistreat” negative and discouragement words, the message we convey to you is that okay underestimated. We fill our heads negative affirmative, and our children believe that’s what needs to be done, they will, and in the future will be kids and negative and sad girls. So, what message we want to launch our children? We are beautiful and are happy with ourselves.

Mom wanna be chef: the art of gastronomy

“Mom you want to be a chef, dad I want to study gastronomy” are phrases that many young people tell their parents when they are completing studies at school and must choose their future careers. If this is your case, do not be alarmed, for several years are considered a professional career.

In the gastronomy many young people between 16 and 25 years found his true passion, which moves your life and what you want to spend the rest of their lives or at least much of it.

In the case of Colombia, in a year they can graduate as food technologists and academics from around two thousand students. Mean that the race is on the rise and is gaining adherents, not just young people other professionals want to take it as a second career.

As a multidisciplinary profession, and learn to cook, you will learn about the dynamics, culture and cuisine of other countries; you must also travel to other places to be filled in the cradle of the kitchen as France, Italy and Spain.

In what may work a Chef:

  • Create business as chef.
  • Working in hotels.
  • Working on cruise ships.
  • Working in restaurants around the world.
  • Chief other cooks

If your child has told you that this is what you want to study, it’s time to advise, to be at his side, accompanying him, advising him that the decision to take is best for him and his future.

Here are some ideas of how to support:

  1. Internet searches the best schools or universities where is this profession.
  2. Make an appointment with the dean or professor you can provide help, we clarify the doubts, so you can support your child in this decision and he feels that you are happy with your decision.
  3. Read about the lives of great cooks and chefs, this will show that what matters in life is not only what is studied but the desire that the same student puts, and ideals that have, for example do a specialization in another city or country.
  4. Invite him or her to accompany you to the schools or faculties of food for the two inquire, ask about the profession Suggest another between classes and talk with students and teachers about the subject.
  5. Ask several questions your son for him to question whether this is really what you want, what you want to be when you grow up?What does a professional in this career? What is learned in college?

The important thing is that your children feel supported by their parents, and that in any chosen career are the best.

The generation that sees breastfeeding

Today I had a very nice experience. L was playing with a bear has. He said the bear was her baby. I saw the pajama shirt stood up and started playing he was breastfeeding. How beautiful! Then, before bed, did it again. And finally, while I was reading a story, I began to ask for milk, so I gave, and L saw me and took running her teddy to also give milk. When I got pregnant girl, I read a lot about breastfeeding.


One of the things they said was that the workshops because there had been a time in history where breastfeeding disappeared. That is, the mothers began to give more bottles and fewer chests. The knowledge that should have passed from mother to daughter stopped, and the children grew up without seeing mothers to breastfeed without seeing something so normal and natural.

Our generation needs help and guidance to breastfeed because we do not have seen, because our mothers did not have experience in breastfeeding and have not had opportunities to learn through observation and example. Not to generalize, but more or less so. I have a theory, which is that in the time when my generation was born, the doctors advised more to bottle and so my mother could not give me the chest.

Today, Thanks to the Internet we can find many references and support groups for those who need them, and at the time my mother, there was no such resources. Oh if there had been! Another rooster crows! But now we are normalizing breastfeeding more, we appreciate that our children are watching their mother’s breastfeed their brothers. They see it as normal, and see it as something that is normal to do when they have their own children. From now on, the generation that sees breastfeeding is the next step for the full normalization of breastfeeding.