Analysis of the most popular diets

Experiment with four diets: Atkins, Ornish, The Zone and Weight Scientists had yesterday not very optimistic news for those who have gained a lot of weight this Christmas or for those who had high hopes for losing weight in good New Year’s resolutions. The Guardian echoes a study investigating several popular diets that lead to […]

Pastel low calorie vegetables

Eating roasted eggplants 1Cda olive oil, prevents constipation as it is high and fiber. Eggplant is a vegetable high in antioxidants which prevents premature cellular aging and increases the immune system. It is also known as Eggplant Gratin with Zucchini. Ingredients: 3 aubergines 3 zucchini 400 grams of mozzarella orange salt basil olive oil How […]

Chicken kebabs with cream cheese

This type of recipes, besides being very versatile, because you can still substitute the chicken for pork, apple or pineapple, etc., are appealed for informal meals, offering flavors that nobody can resist. Ingredients: Serves 4 to 6 servings. 3 chicken breasts, ½ onion, 24 cherry, tomatoes 1 large, apple, 40 grams of goat, cheese 70 […]