20 Tips and Tricks to lose weight without effort

Cheer up! We offer simple ideas, but effective, so that you achieve the desired shape without starving or throw in the towel at the first opportunity.

20 Tips and Tricks to lose weight without effort

20 Tips and Tricks to lose weight without effort

1 – Do not try the impossible: Losing weight takes time. Do not start any diet thinking you’re going to be layered to lose 10 kilos in a week. If you do failure is fully insured.
2 – Do not die of hunger is a useless sacrifice. Your body needs at least 1,000 calories per day.
3 – You should eat: that that “If you do not like anything, adelgazare” is a lie. Not eating all you get is seriously harm your health.
4 – Use dessert plates: even to take the main dishes. You will eat less, but have the feeling that comes over.
5 – Do not eat in haste: Chew each bite. Remember satiety reaches your brain fifteen minutes after starting the meal. If you are one of those who eat in 5 minutes, purpose chew each bite a certain number of times. You quench else.
6 – Do not you feel after eating: Make any activity that helps you burn calories.
7 – Do not be tempted by sweets: When you feel hungry, sucking a lemon or commits an apple.
8 – Make sport: Always use common sense. No useless “kill” one day, if then the laces do not let us move in a week; or make a very strong activity, otherwise we wont.
9 – If one day you do an extra nothing happens.
10 – Keep well: read magazines nutrition and dietetics, if you are knowledgeable not commit nutritional mistakes
11 – Diets always outweigh: Keep only the message “can not eat” is a rather negative way and rather small to see. That terrible phrase can be replaced by: “able to wear the bikini” “I’ll be healthier”. Thus the diet no longer be a frustrating end but a means to gratify you.
12 – Do not confuse your extra inches to your physical integrity: Much less of you. There are women that if they do. By the mere fact of being overweight are rejected to the point of hating themselves. This lack of valuation is what makes the thinning process very difficult.
13 – If you feel like eating drinking a big glass of water first: If this alone is not enough uses a crudite – pickles, onions, carrots … – : Really like the bug is appeased.
14 – Definitely make 5 meals a day: Top three and two snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Your body will burn calories better slowly not in a heavy meal.
15 – Remove the fat from food and degreased stews and broths: Eliminates skin from poultry, white meat and ham, remove with slotted spoon the fat layer floating on the surface of the soup.
16 – Depurate time to time: Make a detox diet. Try to stay one day a week only fruit and vegetables.
17 – Check your weight once a week: it’s not about who obsess over the scale, but it is good that you avoid reality check.
18 – Change Image: Cut your hair, try a new makeup … everything to help you look better also help you when it comes to stand firm while doing a diet.
19 – Keep the order: Live, and especially eating in a relaxed and orderly helps improve willpower, making it more difficult to overdo meals.
20 – Final Tip: honestly the best way to lose weight is to eat half of what you eat, and do twice the sport that is practiced.

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