Eat without gaining weight

Eat without gaining weight

Watch your water consumption, many foods contain it and if you do too much electrolytes are lost. Dieting does not mean having to starve or sacrifices to achieve an almost perfect figure, the secret is to balance and combine foods to obtain all benefits. The dietitian Nelda Garza indicates that a diet is to balance what is consumed, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber, seven natural elements combined.

“It is essential to know and define food and nutrients since we were small, to choose a healthy diet and to our liking, and more than a diet prepare our meal plan to lose weight “. There are many varieties of diets, some require the consumption of 700 calories, starving to whom the respects, starting from this point, it is natural to lose weight, but the nutritionist says it is not the best option. “The first is to teach and learn to eat because there is a lack of education about knowing eat and this has nothing to do with no money available.” If you want to lose weight, Garza recommends setting realistic goals, such as losing five kilos per month that can reach eight.

Eat without gaining weight

“Goals generate anxiety when they are impossible to achieve, as wanting to lose 30 kilos in three months at a pitch of 10 kilos per month, this is distressing because it is not a logical goal, “he says. Then the next step is knowing eat because it must be slow for good digestion and eating less. “This is very good for digestion, food taste better and helps prevent weight gain because the fullness comes faster.” A good tip is to drink some water before eating, to cheat a little stomach. “When you are hungry can take one or two glasses of water 20 minutes before a meal; you can also eat a fruit, but some feel that some, such as apples, causes them hungrier. ” We should not overdo the water consumption, taking into account that many foods contain it, and although it is important to take Too begin to lose electrolytes.

“It is best not to overdo it, otherwise drink water is to drink two glasses a day; if you take two glasses upload it to four, but do not exceed the recommended daily dose. ” The diet should be personalized, so it is necessary to visit the nutritionist to develop a plan according to taste, type of work and activities of each person. “On a diet anything goes, you can eat red meat, white, fat, preferably vegetable, plus fruits, vegetables, beans, beans, peas and lentils, legumes all”. This coupled with an exercise program will bring many benefits to jump in sight.

Eat without gaining weight

“The exercise improves the circulatory system, lung function and prevents the legs atrophy also prevents loss of calcium, and if you walk daily burn calories.” Eat slowly This improves digestion because the brain better captures the feeling of fullness, and thus not overeat also to eat slowly comes less air in food and has less digestive discomfort. Do not lie down after eating if you usually take a nap after meals, is it not more than 20-30 minutes, and at night after dinner about bedtime at least two hours after supper, to complete the phase of digestion in the stomach.

Come tidy Try to eat balanced portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring that the latter is light, and never Brinques food because it can cause extreme hunger resulting in abundant subsequent meal. If you eat too much is eating a snack mid morning or evening, and avoid heavy or buffet meals. Do not take plenty of fluids with meals Excess liquid dilutes the gastric juices and impairs digestion of food, so it is recommended to eat no liquids or take a glass of plain water or fruit, except for bottled soft drinks. Between meals you can drink liquids with greater freedom, when digestion is finished.

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