Slimming Children

Slimming Children

In Spain there is a growing problem of childhood obesity. An obese child is much more likely to have health problems related to obesity when older than nonobese children. After the excesses of Christmas, this month is a great time to tackle weight problems in children.

We offer some basic tips for those who want to help your child lose weight without losing heart. It is easier for your child lose weight if you are motivated to do so. But even without motivation you. You can help your child lose weight by choosing good healthy food, which gives your child at home, encouraging him to do some exercise regularly. It can also help a lot if you see that the whole family is involved in doing some kind of sport regularly.

It is important to change behavior, which makes your child fattening and not have then, to lose weight, which includes:

Slimming Children

Healthy Eating Habit: your child should do 3 balanced meals, INCLUSIVE of breakfast, plus 2 nutritious snacks (mid-morning lunch and snack).

Serve few fatty foods: It is better to prepare grilled food, boiled or steamed or grilled, than fried. Try giving buy lean meat and plenty of vegetables and salads. If you have more appetite and want to repeat, repeat always salad or vegetables.

Desserts: serve fresh fruit for dessert and discourage eating ice cream or cakes or other calories too often. Apply the same rules for the whole family, not just for children with weight problems. All stand to gain in physical and emotional health and academic performance with a healthier diet.

The shopping list: buy products low calorie and low-fat. The snacks, desserts and milk, which are skimmed. Avoid buying desserts and regular cookies, because they have a lot of sugar. The crisps, soda and ice cream can also buy them with less fat.

Slimming Children

Food on the Table: Do not let your child eat off the kitchen or table where you usually eat..

Avoid fast food: the maximum limit fast foods because they contain lots of calories and fat.

Limit TV: TV should force you to decide your child 1 to 2 hours per day (this time includes the time to play video games and use the PC). Watching TV encourages eating junk food.

Drink: You should encourage your child to drink 4 to 6 glasses of water between meals, especially before meals. Water has no calories and as it takes away the appetite for full, you eat less. You should also drink skim milk and diet soda (150-170 calories / soda).

The snacks: should be limited to lunch and snack midmorning. So providing things that have low

calories: If you prepare a sandwich, it brown bread and low fat sausage with lettuce and tomato; but can also put juices, dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, dried figs …). Avoid putting bags of chips, cookies, pastries …

Personal Diary of evolution, to get fit: Help your child keep a diary in your diet (food and beverages) and its evolution is reflected. The time watching TV or playing with video games or doing sport. You can also record the initial weight you had your son and that is losing each week (but avoid weighing every day).

What message do we want to launch our children?

A few weeks ago, we were my daughter, my son and I in the elevator. I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m fat”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that day I felt that way. E. In pregnancy I took more weight desired, so I’m still carrying with him. Nor do I obsess much to the topic, since being breast-feeding is not possible dieting. The most important thing is to eat healthy and varied, without overdoing things we know we feel that burn worse or worse.


But that day, tired, overwhelmed and a little slap, was that message which threw my “I” mirror.

The second, my daughter said me too. What!!! Sometimes I say things like “I’m tired” and L says “me too”.

But I did not want that L said, at that time, “me too”!

So I immediately said “no, L, you’re not” and tried to change the message “I’m beautiful!” for her to say “me too”, but now L was already busy with something else.

There is a video that I love, it’s on youtube, and says the role model for our daughters is ourselves. If you do not want, if we do not appreciate, neither will they. The video is called “Project I Am Beautiful” and loved it. When L told me that, I immediately thought of the video and it helped me to think about the message that I am transmitting to L. Our daughters and sons should know that we are beautiful, we respect us and appreciate, that they and they do the same. If we “mistreat” negative and discouragement words, the message we convey to you is that okay underestimated. We fill our heads negative affirmative, and our children believe that’s what needs to be done, they will, and in the future will be kids and negative and sad girls. So, what message we want to launch our children? We are beautiful and are happy with ourselves.