Slimming tips ass

Slimming tips ass

Slimming ass, butt, buttocks … we’re going to beat around the bush. Unfortunately fat has the “mania” deposited there. And not bad fight there.

You probably think that what you have left is “ass” and want that fat disappear into that part of your body. We will try to help you. It never hurts to tighten the buttocks and fight the trend of the buttocks cellulite that also can start very young ages if we are not careful.

There are many sports that will go you well: swimming, running, and walking. Of all the exercise bike (or normal) about 30 minutes a day is the best way to harden and lose weight in the buttocks.

There is a very popular program exercise bike in the US is called “spinning”. A scheduled 40 minutes on an exercise bike pedaling, visualization, directed breathing that will work miracles in your “ass” training.

Tips for slimming legs

A year classic of buttocks

1. First part: put a “fours” with knees touching the ground.
2. Breathe slowly and deeply while lifting his right leg with the knee bent. Stay in this position as you slowly breathe out.
3. Return to start position and repeat the exercise 20 times with each leg. Do 10 and 10.
4. Second part: right leg back stretches and inspire slowly as much as you can, get up
in May. Then lower leg pushing the air.
6. You have to repeat the exercise 20 times with each leg. Do 10 and 10.


An alternative route is liposuction cons and pros. That is, the removal of excess body fat by suction using a specialized surgical team performed by a plastic surgeon. It is done through a small incision in the skin and connected to a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Slimming tips ass

Female hormones so conducive

Estrogens favor the accumulation of fat from the waist down (buttocks, hips and upper thighs). Unlike progesterone (men), the incentive in the upper body. So do not worry. You know that “the fatter is your ass, most are female”.


No special diets buttocks. You can follow a general diet that suits your preferences. Generally follows rules of healthy food; You can cheer you trying to lose 3 kilos ; Do not abuse fats, this always keep the calorie chart of the most common foods.

Combat stretch marks on your skin

Combat stretch marks on your skin

How to prevent undesirable stretch marks that form as a result of weight gain Adults have about two square meters of skin, but when pregnant or gain weight quickly for another reason, this amount increases considerably. The increase in kilos is not only embarrassed by the difficulty to fasten pants. Due to rapid stretching of the skin, stretch marks can occur. These marks are one of the most undesirable skin conditions. Unlike acne scars or wrinkles, are extremely difficult to remove, although surgical methods are used. The dermatologist Javier Farias explains that each person has three layers of skin, the epidermis (outer layer), dermis (middle layer) and deeper.
Combat stretch marks on your skin

The grooves affect the dermis. If formed in the uppermost layer, would not be so difficult to treat. Depending on your skin tone, stretch marks start out as pink stripes, reddish brown or dark brown. Over time, become clearer; even white. These marks can appear anywhere on the body where the skin is much stretch, usually as a result of weight gain. Typically, they become present in the areas fastest growing in fat, such as the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, thighs and buttocks.
Combat stretch marks on your skin

Preventing Imagine you blow up a balloon and then deflate. Although you inflate again, you’ll notice that it has lost some of its elasticity and never will be exactly as before. The same goes for stretch marks. Never disappear completely even with the most modern cosmetic or surgical procedures such as lasers or peels. Yes, can be disguised largely to apply self-tanner. In any case, the best is prevention. It is very important to take care not to gain weight suddenly. However, there are situations where it is impossible to prevent this, as in the case of pregnancy.

According Farias, 75 to 90 percent of pregnant knurled end. Something similar can happen to bodybuilders that increase volume and even adolescents growing up suddenly. But everyone can protect against stretch marks, to avoid them or have them arriving out to be inconspicuous. If you think you are candidate for developing stretch marks, the main thing is to keep the skin well hydrated. Specific to combat stretch marks creams, but any heavy cream serves.

Must be applied after bathing, while the skin is still damp, and before bed time. Concentra the product in areas of your body that tend to get fatter. On the other hand, it is believed that those carrying diets vitamins C and E, selenium, magnesium and zinc are less prone to stretch marks skin. If your doctor approves, it would not hurt you to take a multivitamin supplement. It also should avoid smoking, because the skin of smokers is less elastic than normal. You may find it difficult to kick the habit and seem boring to untandote cream and taking pills, but better safe than sorry.

Delayed wrinkles on your skin

Delayed wrinkles on your skin

Vitamins help delay or reduce skin damage, because they act on free radicals The appearance of wrinkles, which occurs earlier so especially in the areas of greatest personal retreat or movement (face, neck and hands) may be postponed if exposure to ultraviolet rays, which emit the sun or tanning is avoided; moreover, not protect favors the presence of skin blemishes.
Delayed wrinkles on your skin

Aaron Hernandez Vazquez, Dermatology Service Specialist Hospital IMSS 21 Century National Medical Center, said that to maintain healthy skin is recommended that the daily bath no you rub or scrub too. Then, apply a liquid cream to help you be hydrated and eventually wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF), minimum # 30. “The wrinkles develop due to thinning of the skin and the degradation of elastic fibers that support, which, naturally, are broken and deformed over the years.
Delayed wrinkles on your skin

“For his untimely appearance on the face, it must, in addition to sun exposure, to that there is excessive mimicry or gestures in areas where this tissue is more fragile. Around the eyes, mouth, and forehead, “he said The aging process of the skin, he said, is due to a loss of collagen or it is no longer synthesized appropriately, by a deterioration of the cells that play this substance, he said.

“The white skin is more prone to develop wrinkles, because it has less melanin production, unlike the skin brown or black, in genetic terms, produce more pigment and amount of melanin, which avoids passing ultraviolet rays and delays the damage they cause, “he added. The vitamins help delay or reduce skin damage because act on free radicals (ions that are loose in the body responsible for damage or destroy the cell membranes). The sufficient doses can be obtained through a balanced diet, and supplement with topical application of creams, he said.