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Easy and cheap smart working

We have been used to working from home for 8 years. Although this is the main place we can work almost anywhere, in the hotel (tourism is mainly our field), at the bar, at the co-working space, on the train, but even if it may seem strange, our home is the place where we have actually spent the most time at work in recent years. This does not mean that we give up holding meetings, sharing documents, talking and discussing with colleagues, signing contracts, only we do it remotely.

Working from home is possible and we are the proof of it, smart working is just a little organization and will in most cases. In this post we explain what are the main tools we use to work from home. Not all of us do the same job but most of the tools that we will indicate to you are also suitable for different professions, all of which can also be carried out in smart working. Work from home give you a chance to enjoy music, play casino australia etc.

The same tools indicated in this post could also be useful for distance learning.

The tools for working from home

The notebook and the main applications

One of the first things you need to work at home is a good wifi connection . You could think of using that of the smartphone in hotspot function but pay attention to your contract and what is the volume of data included.

The notebook is one of the main tools we use to work from home, it can also be carried around. The convenience of having a keyboard to write documents is inevitable, and it also allows us to be carried around compared to a common desktop PC. Our notebooks are an Acer Spin 3 with Windows 10 and an Apple Mac Book Pro but there are hundreds of different notebook models. Some might say that it is also possible to work with a tablet; we do not find it equally comfortable only for the keyboard speech. Enjoy your off time by playing online casino games usa with your notebook.

If you don’t need to use applications that require a lot of resources and file sizes, basically a basic use for e-mail, surfing the web, writing with a word processor or using a spreadsheet, you just need a basic model that you can find with operating system (Windows usually) starting at around 300 Euros or less, here are some examples of cheap notebooks.

If you need to use the notebook for videoconferencing (see below Skype), check that it is equipped with a webcam and microphone.

Applications for the computer

The main applications we use for smart working (giving priority to free ones) are the following:

  • Google Chrome to browse the internet (free);
  • a word processor that can be Pages on the Mac (included) or Open Office (free and includes spreadsheet and more) for Windows;
  • Mail on the Mac (included) or Thunderbird (free) with Windows – a free Gmail account , if you don’t already have it, will surely help you;
  • Google Docs is a series of tools that includes word processor, spreadsheet, forms and presentations, it is free and instead of having the software on your pc the application resides on the Google server, nothing changes for you but you only need to a constant wifi connection to use it;

Additional services for smart working

Dropbox is a (limited free) file hosting service, what does it mean? That hosts your files on a server and you can access them wherever you are without having them on your pc, you can also share them with others. Very useful for keeping and sharing the most bulky files (for storage space) and always having them at hand when you need them.

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, in this case you can use 15 Gb of free space, beyond this limit it is paid, but the cost is very low compared to the competitor.

Keep is a free service that allows you to create virtual post-its to keep track of things to do and remember everything on a single screen and with an app on your smartphone, if you update on your PC the same happens on your phone. The function with the “To do list” and the ticks is useful.

Skype is a software that once installed on your PC, Mac or Windows, allows you to chat, audio and video conferences with up to 10 participants. Very useful and widespread, it also allows screen sharing.

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