Is a Laptop or a Tablet Better for Children Going Back to School?

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When it came time for me to decide what devices I would buy my children for school this year, I had to fight every urge to not give them anything and to instead allow them to experience school through trips to the library and cramped wrists from writing. However, realising that would probably end in me driving them back and forth from our closest library, I decided to get over myself and started to look at things from a practical point of view. Both Laptops and Tablets are great options for your children, but knowing what classes they are in, what the school expects from them and what your personal budget is are all equally important when deciding what device to send back to school with your child. With that being said, hopefully this article may shed some light on the best pick for your kids.

Classes Are Clues

School gives our kids a huge range of educational classes that deliver a varying type of learning experience. More active classes that may incorporate activities, creative design or experiments could benefit from the use of a tablet rather than a bulkier laptop. Classes which delve into essay based reports such as history or literary studies would be more suited to a more stable and ergonomic laptop.  Designs such as the HP Pavilion X360 Laptop have a 128GB SSD which is a fast and reliable storage system that allows for exceptionally fast recovery on frequently used programs. It’s touch screen and dual core Intel processor means that it’s fast recognition allows for a fun creative use as well.

School Expectations

It’s important to get an idea of how much usage and what kind of usage your children’s schools expect from these devices. You wouldn’t want to purchase a laptop with all of the add on’s and extras, if your kids are only needing them for additional research in their own time. On the other hand, you also wouldn’t want to buy your kids a tablet if they weren’t able to create word documents easily or send documents to a printer.

Personal Budget

Ensuring that you’re staying within your budget should also be a factor when deciding about a device for your child. While you may want to get them the best, it’s not always cost effective to do so. If you can’t stretch the budget for a laptop you might find that you can get more features on the tablet for less. You could even get the best of both worlds and enjoy the convenience of a tablet with the power of a laptop with the Microsoft Surface, your perfect back to school companion. It is both small and fast with its Pentium® Gold Processor and 8GB RAM powered by a 9-hour battery life. It’s keyboard seamlessly folds for transition from laptop to tablet for you to unleash your creative side with the studio pen. Store your designs and school work within its 128GB storage capacity so you can always access your files, even when you’re on the go.

While it still does cross my mind that my children don’t need a device for school, I know I am just being petty. Being aware of the capability of laptops and tablets can demonstrate the benefit that they have on our kids and their education. It is important to make sure that the device that you do decide on for your child does in fact benefit them and not hold them back. This is done by choosing the right device for the job. Speak to your kids and understand what they will be using the device for, what the teachers expect the device for and what your budget allows. Whether it is a laptop or a tablet, the addition of a device to your kid’s schooling year will help them to excel and spark and interest in learning.

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