Research for Beginners: Why Journals are an Important Resource


Whether you’re a student simply trying to meet a class requirement or a professional looking to present a career-changing paper, there’s no denying the importance of having reputable resources. This is crucial in creating a data-based, thoroughly prepared research, and presenting credible research.

That said, knowing where to look for these resources is just as important as knowing how to use them. Especially for beginners, it can get really confusing and overwhelming to be faced with a whole plethora of options. This is why online journal archives created by publishers such as Bentham Science Open are great for easy research. 

Here are some reasons why you should seriously look into journal articles for your research or academic study.

Journals are Studies Created by Other Researchers

Much like what you’re trying to do, published journals are actually the final output of other researchers. As such, it can prove to be very helpful especially in augmenting your list of references. These journals will have links to the references used for their own purpose, which could also help you out with yours. As such, you are better able to build a network of sources that you can use for your own research. 

In some cases, it might even lead you to other possibilities or hypotheses you wouldn’t have realized otherwise. But because the journal led you to it, you can make your own research that much richer in content and context.

You Can Filter Out Information

When there’s so much information laid out before you, the next thing to do is figure out which information is accurate and appropriate for your research. Because journals have already been critiqued and reviewed by peers, you can take these supplementary anecdotes or notation into account when determining which ones should make the final list of your resource list. This task alone, in fact, already makes for a good exercise in critical thinking, which can only be more beneficial for your research.

Easy to Navigate

In this day and age, where practically everything is online, it’s so much easier for researchers to find the resources they need. Especially in digital archives such as the one from publishers like Bentham Open, where everything is located in one place, you can easily jump from one article to another, saving the ones you think are most relevant to you as you go.

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