5 Original and Fun Games to Play at the Summer Center

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Summer is upon us and you are struggling with the organization of games to be played in a summer camp for children. Don’t worry, in this article we will offer you many different ideas suitable for all ages. Enjoy the reading!

#1. Bucket Challenge

Divide the children into two groups and, while seated, arrange them in single file. The last of both rows will have to be in the opposite direction, that is, with his back to the others. The first of both rows will have in front of him a bucket full of water in which he will dip a glass in order to fill it and pass it as quickly as possible to the child behind, who will do the same, until he reaches the last in the row which each time will empty the glass into another (empty) bucket. Attention: children will have to pass the glass over their heads and always to the person behind them. The team that manages to fill the empty bucket with the most water will win. As you can see, it is a simple game, suitable for all ages. Senior and aged parents can enjoy real pokies online australia.

#2.  What time is it, Mr. Wolf?

This game is also known in English-speaking countries as “What’s the time, Mister Wolf?” (here other games to play in English for children ) and is the English variant of what we all know as “catcher”. Being a game suitable for all age groups, it is particularly suitable for entertaining children in a summer camp. The child who plays Mr. Wolf will have to position himself at a certain distance in front of the others. In turn, each child will ask Mr. Wolf for the time, who will be able to respond with times invented on the spot. But be careful, when Mister Lupo answers with the phrases “it’s time for lunch!” or “it’s dinner time!”, everyone will have to run away and whoever is captured will become the new Mr. Wolf!

#3. Obstacle course in the pool

Since most summer camps have a swimming pool, it’s a good idea to think about games that can be played in the water as well. One of them is the classic obstacle course, which, being customizable can be adapted to any age. The course can be done using mats, inflatables, hoola hoops, etc. Once created, you can customize it to your liking, depending on the abilities of the participants, for example: dive into the pool with a cannon dive, swim to the other end and touch the number 2, go back swimming on the back for 5 strokes, dive and go inside the hoola hoop, play dead for 3 seconds, touch the side of the pool with your feet and do a somersault. Obviously, the winner is the one who can make the route faster!

#4. Words in the word

To play this game you will need a blackboard on which you will write a very long word, for example, “precipitevolissimamente” and some papers. As a couple, the children will have 5 minutes to find other small words using the letters of the long word. The couple who can find the most words wins! This game is ideal if you want to reassure children after a movement game, or to “plug holes”, for example in those minutes when you are sitting waiting for lunch to arrive! Parents can arrange those games for their children beside this they can enjoy online casinos.

#5. The handkerchief dance

Music is another great undisputed star of summer camps and that is why we offer you a nice musical game . All you will need is a stereo and some paper towels. Give each child a napkin (open) and tell them to put it on their head. When the music starts, the children will have to dance without letting it fall to the ground. Whoever is not eliminated from the game wins.

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