Four Brilliant Christmas Movies on Netflix to Snuggle Up with This December


For many of us, a big part of getting in a nice, Christmassy kind of mood is watching some fun, festive movies. Now, Netflix allows us to watch the movies we want on demand, meaning no matter what the networks are airing, you can get your fix of holiday cinema whenever you feel like relaxing!

If you want to find more great Netflix recommendations for the holidays and beyond, then a good site to check out is, which lists all kinds of Netflix content by category, so whether you want a zombie movie or a family adventure, a classic sitcom or the latest Marvel superhero story, you’ll always be able to be in the know about the best things streaming in your region.

Here are just four of the fantastic Christmas movies you could be watching right now:

The Santa Clause

This 1994 movie starring Tim Allen is one that most millennials will remember as a part of their childhood, and it is still just as fun and endearing as it was back then.

Tim Allen’s character accidentally kills Santa Claus, and so as a result of the titular Santa ‘Clause’ has to take over his job and deliver all of the presents on Christmas Eve. This is a cute, family friendly romp, and if you enjoy it, there are two sequels also available on Netflix to extend the experience!

The Grinch

Jim Carrey’s representation of the character created by Dr Seuss who enviously steals a whole town’s Christmas presents, only to discover the joy of Christmas and give them back, became an instant classic when it was first released.

Now, The Grinch movie has become as big a part of a family Christmas as the book on which it is based, though it is a fun watch for adults too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that is well suited for both Halloween and Christmas viewing. It was even nominated for a special effects Oscar – the first animation ever to receive a nomination in this category (though in the end Jurassic Park took home the trophy). Ideal for older kids or people who enjoy Burton’s unique, gothic take on the Christmas theme, this is a movie packed with memorable characters and songs.

Bad Santa

If you are looking for a less family oriented movie to watch on a Christmassy evening with your friends or partner and some mulled wine, then this comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton is a must. Playing a petty criminal who is posing as a mall Santa, Billy Bob’s character gets up to all kinds of amusing misbehavior before Christmas arrives.

Whatever your taste in movies and whoever you are planning to watch with, there is bound to be at least one movie here that will give you some Christmas enjoyment and get you in the mood for Christmas 2017. Why not fire up Netflix and get watching tonight?

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