Getting Ready to Bring a Dog Home

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Dogs are such wonderful creatures that it’s not surprising why so many people choose to have them as pets. They’re loyal, loving, and can be a lot of fun (when they’re not being mischievous!). It’s for all those reasons and more that make them such great pets, but sadly not everyone is prepared for the responsibility of becoming a dog owner.

Not only must you be prepared to dedicate your time to looking after them, but you must be able to afford their care and have a home that is suitable for them. Here are some things you need to look out for and organize before you bring a dog home.

Is There a Good Local Vet?

Your dog must have access to the best kind of healthcare, for general check-ups, and in case of emergency. This is why you need to do some research into the vets in your area and find the best one you can afford. You should also consider how close the vets are to your home because if your dog does fall ill or becomes injured, you want to make sure that the journey to get them medical help won’t be too long.

Is Your Home Safe?

Dog-proofing your home is another essential step you must take before you bring your new friend home with you. Make sure there is no unnecessary clutter they can knock over or rummage around in and keep any items that are either dangerous or you want to be kept intact out of their reach. You might want to consider switching your household cleaning products to ones that are animal-safe just as an extra precaution. Child gates on stairs or in doorways are another thing you might want to consider if you don’t want your dog going into certain areas of your home.

Toys and Treats

Every dog needs their toys and treats to keep them happy, and this will be just another thing you will have to budget for as a new dog owner. The WagWell Box subscription service is a great example of how you can treat your dog to quality things each month, and it could make it easier for you as you won’t have to go to the pet store each time they need a new toy or bag of treats.


Along with treats, your dog will also need quality food to make sure they get all the right nutrition they need. It’s worth doing some research into the breed of dog you have chosen to find out exactly what their needs are when it comes to diet and exercise. This will help you determine what kind of dog food to buy for them and how often you will need to take them out. You could also organize someone to do this for you if you’re not going to be around in the day.

Having a dog can be such an exciting and fantastic experience. They will become your best friend and part of the family almost instantaneously. Just make sure you’re ready to welcome them home so they can have the best experience with you, too.

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