What Kids Can Learn by Gardening with Mom and Dad


Spending time with your kids not only builds an unbreakable bond but also teaches them life skills they would otherwise not be exposed to. Actually, most parents would like to have more free time to spend with their families but the skyrocketing cost of living has literally forced many moms and dads to work extra hours just to make ends meet. Why not work a garden with your kids which leads to spending more quality time with them?

If you are looking for any one activity that is fun for the entire family but a useful resource as well, gardening should be your first choice. Here are just a few of the things kids can learn by gardening with mom and dad.

Visible Fruits of Your Labor

Sometimes you wonder if your kids understand why mom and dad leave the home every day to go off to work at some obscure job. No matter how many times you explain that you must work to pay the bills and keep food on the table, they still ask why they need to go to the babysitter or to school on any given day.

Putting effort into growing a garden shows them the rewards of a bit of hard work, albeit a fun activity. They learn to weed and water the plants and in the process can see them growing, day by day. They get to eat the fruit of their labor and this can be an invaluable lesson about work ethics. On some level they may understand about earning money, but visible fruits of your labor puts working in a whole new perspective for them.

The Value of Nutrients

Have you ever had a battle of the wits with your children over eating their veggies? Most parents will quickly agree that getting kids to try a variety of new foods can be a grueling endeavor. As you use fertilizer to nourish your garden, explain to the children that this is much like veggies for plants. Without those organic nutrients and a steady source of water, your garden would quickly wither and die.

After learning about tools for applying organic fertilizers and using pest control on sites like My Gardening Network, you can leave one single plant off to the side which goes untreated. Water it infrequently, don’t use nutrients, and then show your children the value of eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Show them how the plants you’ve cared for are flourishing while those with inadequate nutrients are literally dying. You may even find that your kids start asking you for more foods that are good for them. What a shock that would be!

Respecting Life in All Forms

Many parents also use gardening as a tool for teaching their older kids the value of respecting and nurturing life. There is so much your kids can learn from gardening that it’s a shame more parents don’t plant a backyard garden. Whether using small windowsill herb gardens or larger backyard plots, you can spend quality time with your family while teaching the value of life.

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