Maintaining a healthy diet at Christmas


One of the inevitable Christmas customs is food, good food. At this time the tables are filled with snacks, desserts, snacks, sweets, cakes, delicious dishes for anyone, as there are for all tastes. Maybe that’s harder to resist temptation, and say “No” when you’ve lived a healthy, balanced diet.

Nutrition in most people in December, often changes. What you’ve managed to do for a whole year taking care of flour, fats and sweets, can easily be put at risk at Christmas if you know how to handle these situations.

If you want to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays last year, here gives you some ideas:


  • Be moderate and balanced when you serve. Try all the dishes but in small bites is better to eat a lot but a single food.
  • It is not advisable to fast all day and then at night eat everything is on the table. Divide good amounts of food throughout the day.
  • If you are the organizer of the party, use more vegetables and fruits to your snack: carrot sticks with dips spreads, tables of steak, cooked ham and turkey; they can be a good choice to replace sausages and flour.
  • Help yourself meals in small dishes. When using large dishes first thing you do in take of everything. The smaller the plate unless you fit, so you will not overeat.
  • More quantities of alcohol are going to eat this month. The liquor has a lot of sugar. Try drinking water for every glass of liquor to consume.
  • In the days commas restriction in which less than usual. Obviously should be before and after the most important dates of Christmas where you know it will be very difficult to control yourself.
  • Try to eat fruits before Christmas dinner and New Year this way will not be so hungry to sit at the table and you have already satisfied a little anxiety about eating.
  • Go for one dessert. If you see many sweet options on the table, choose just one part and a small portion. It’s better if you choose those made ​​with fruits like pears in wine, strawberry shortcake, among others.
  • Cook chicken and turkey without skin . It is known that it brings a lot of fat will not make you well.
  • Aprovechas this holiday or free to practice hard exercise days and stay active, it is recommended that you stay active, make different plans for every day, go hiking, walking, exercising.
  • Eating a balanced diet christmas is possible, it all depends on your willpower, you’re moderate at parties and know say no.

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