Tips for slimming legs

Tips for slimming legs

A delgazar legs
In women it is more common than males have thick legs due to the natural tendency to accumulate fat in the hips, buttocks ( ass ), calves, knees, ankles and “saddlebags” thighs. Popularly known as gynoid or “pear”.

The risk is cellulite that can accompany this trend. Hence the need to take seriously exercises and habits to avoid this risk and contribute to subtract weight and fat from these areas.

To go stylizing legs suggest:

Avoid inactivity. You have to move and strengthen your legs as much as possible. As a rule, walk at least half an hour a day.

Tips for slimming legs

Physical exercises. If you are young is advisable dance. All ages swimming. Highly recommended yoga and stretching in general. If you are in good shape practicing static or normal bike and swimming.

Purifying type diets rich in fiber. Fruit and vegetables in large quantity. Good pasta or cereal fiber, meat and fish, too fat dairy products.

Drink plenty of water or gaseous fluids.

Dispense of pastries, cakes, sugar and soft drinks, fried, battered, salt, sodium-rich products, meats, cheeses, preserves …

Try to fight the “heavy legs” with daily care that is simple. We recommend:

Daily massage with gel or creams. For example combining a foot bath with red wine (70 gr boiled. per liter of water) and a massage with essential oil of rosemary applied in an upward motion from the ankle up.

Harnessing showers and baths. With a mitt and alternating hot and cold water to massage movements such as those indicated in above.

Tips for slimming legs

In many cases, other hormones may be a matter of genetic inheritance.

Do not hesitate to consult a specialist who will diagnose and will design the best for you.

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