3 Factors to Consider Before Investing in A One-Bed Unit

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Are you dreaming of invest in apartments? What’s your budget? It is important to understand that people purchase apartments depending on their financial stability, determining their budget. Some would go for large apartments, while others prefer to purchase a smaller unit. 1 bedroom apartment east side Manhattan apartments are a favorite for singles and young investors since they offer cheaper entry points. When you want to invest in such units, you need to understand the following.

Good parking

Investing in a real estate business is taking risks. However, one needs to look for techniques to ensure the services provided can meet potential clients’ demands. Have a simple lock-up garage. A parking area is among the important necessities tenants will look for when making a choice of an apartment to buy. This increases the marketability of your units by approximately 50%.

Invest in smaller blocks

It would be best if you considered investing in units in smaller blocks. This can make it easy for your tenants and help improve your units’ value and uniqueness. It is necessary to note that few such apartments are available for sale or rent, which makes your units extremely valuable. On the contrary, units in big blocks risk losing their value, which instantly reduces their rent and sale prices.

Checkout amenity and strata fees

When investing in the small unit blocks, you should be considerate about the amenities you install. Installation of fancy amenities demands a larger budget that might require you to dig deep into your pocket. For example, having a gym, swimming pool, lift, or 24-hour concierge will cost you a lot which will also attract many paperwork processes. Additionally, you will be required to pay high strata fees. You should purchase a strata report before building your units to confirm the required monthly and annual strata fees.

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