4 Best Improvements Your Family Home This Summer


The summer months are the best time to consider improving your home. As well as having the time and the right weather to focus on home improvements, with the kids off school and you on leave from work, you will be spending more time in your home. To ensure that you can spend many relaxing summer days in your home, here are some of the best improvements that can benefit all the family.

1.   Outdoor Fire Pits

One of the best ways to make the most of the summer months at home is by installing an outdoor fire pit. Outdoor fire pits will give you the chance to spend more time out in your garden. This feature gives you the warmth and the ambience that you need for a relaxing evening with the family. However, not only can they make your garden feel instantly cosier, but you can also use them to cook on. This allows you to have outdoor dinners on any day of the week, without the need for a cumbersome barbecue. At stonewoods.co.uk, their variety of fixtures will give your garden the boost it needs to prepare it for the summer months.

2.   Bi-Folding or French Doors

If you want to bring nature to your front door, but you are not an outdoorsy family, you should consider investing in bi-folding or French doors. These fixtures have floor to ceiling windows that can help you to bring the outdoors in and feel as if you are lounging within nature from the comfort of your living room settee. These can also allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden when the weather turns less the ideal, while also brightening up the darker rooms within your home.

3.   Orangeries or Conservatories

If you are thinking of expanding your home this summer, consider investing in an orangery or conservatory. The fact that these outdoor rooms are made mostly of glass will give you a brilliant gateway to the outdoors, especially if you connect this room to your garden with bi-folding or French doors. Not only can they become multi-purpose family rooms where your children can play all summer long, but their beautiful design can make you feel as if you are residing in an exotic locale.

4.   Air Conditioning or Fans

If your children complain about the heat in your home, are unable to sleep, or are often feeling unwell throughout the summer months, you should consider installing air conditioning or fans into your family home. This can make your rooms inviting and cool places where your family can escape from the sweltering heat at the height of summer. Not only this, but air conditioning units can often be used to purify the air, which is an excellent way to care for the needs of children or family members who have allergies that are exacerbated during the summer, such as dust allergies or hay fever. What’s more, installing a fan can be an excellent aesthetic choice for conservatories and orangeries, particularly if you plan to deck these rooms out in a jungle or nature-based theme.

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