Eco-Friendly Products That are Reasonably Priced

bamboo made product

Most people know that we are heading down a bad path when it comes to the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, which warms the planet. It can be overwhelming; you want to do your part, but you know how small you are in the grand scheme of things. United Nations climate reports are making waves in the business world, but few are wavering. We can blame large corporations all we want, or we can do our best to lower our emissions and carbon footprint. Usually, the issue is money. Luckily, sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive. You have options for eco-friendly products.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Some women like to put on and take off their makeup a lot. They clean their faces. Typically a woman will use a cotton ball or round to remove makeup and exfoliate their skin. Don’t just throw these products away. Instead, buy reusable cotton rounds that you can wash and use again and again. This product is great for anything related to the face and neck. A light, durable tool to clean your face, there is no reason not to keep them around. You will save money buying reusable cotton rounds and will be doing it in a sustainable way.


Bamboo isn’t as much as it is a material. Just about anything can be made out of bamboo. The strong, sustainable tree is a great alternative to cutting down others that take in more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen. We need trees now more than ever. Bamboo is abundant and recyclable. It’s an amazing plant that can make paper products like toilet paper and wooden objects like toothbrushes. You can even find a bamboo pillow. The odds are, if you can come up with a bamboo product in your mind, then it probably already exists. It’s one of those materials that should not be overlooked in our quest to live more sustainable lives.

Wool Dryer Balls

Make your clothes smell nice and dry faster with reusable wool dryer balls. Simply throw the wool ball into the dryer with your clothes, and you will immediately notice a difference in how much time it takes to dry them. This is a clever and easy way to save money on electricity. When you pay attention to the little things, they add up. Electricity uses energy from fossil fuels and, until we can transition to a completely renewable society, we will have to limit our electricity intake. There’s no way around it. Start changing small things that don’t matter. Investing in wool dryer balls will save you money in the end.

Solar Panels

The fact that solar panels are considered expensive is ridiculous. If you invest enough money to produce energy from the sun, though, solar panels will eventually pay for themselves. When you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun, you can actually produce more energy than you need, if you really go the full mile. Some cities will even pay you for energy that you put back on the grid. Solar panels are actually very reasonably priced, but you do have to get enough to produce a significant amount of energy.

Smart Appliances

Finally, smart appliances like refrigerators, dish and clothing washers, and dryers are initially more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but once you make the investment, you will save a lot of money on water and electricity bills. Smart thermostats can greatly decrease your heating and cooling bills. When you’re looking to cut down on household bills, think about spending some money on smart appliances and do your part to decrease our impact on the environment at the same time.

The situation surrounding the climate is dire, but there is so much we can do. Even just changing the little things in your life will add up to a significant impact. The most important thing is that we change our mindset and keep energy and climate issues on our minds. Sustainability is perhaps the most pivotal detail of a successful society. We all need to live more sustainably, but it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. In fact, as we are forced to change, those who were ahead of the curve will benefit the most.

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