Why should I install a wet room?


Wet rooms are a desirable design for your bathroom. They can look smart, modern and contemporary, and can make small rooms seem larger than they actually are. Should you install one in your home, though?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider having a wet room in your home, from accessibility to ease of cleaning. These are just some of the items you may want to think about before you decide about installation.

You can make it look how you want

Wet rooms can have different styles, layouts, and designsfrom which you can choose. They are designed so there is no barrier separating the area where you bathe from the rest of the room – so that means no curtain, glass door or splash panel. Yet such areas will be waterproofed, meaning you don’t have to worry about any splashes that go out of the area.

It may be that your wet room is part of your main bathroom. Larger bathrooms may have a traditional design, with the shower part in a separate alcove.

It can fit any space

What space you have available may influence your decision about whether to go for a wet room. Some conventional shower stalls can be as small as 30-inches square – yet a wetroom can give you greater flexibility of movement.

If you have a long, narrow bathroom, you may wish to have a narrow wet room design to best suit your needs. Some bathroom designers will help you with your design before committing to such an investment, and they can come up with the best configuration for your space.

Improved accessibility

Recent censuses suggest the world’s population is changing. Some people, aged 60 and over, continue to live independently and wish to make their homes easier to get around – while others may move in with family and, with this change, might lead to some home refurbishment.

This is because having an older, less mobile member in the household means providing easier access for walkers and wheelchairs; grab bars and railings may also be required. So having a wet room for your bathroom is a good answer.

It can make a home morecozy

There are many younger people living in single-person units, too. This type of lifestyle – as well as the expense of paying for rent on your own – means that space is at a premium. It means bathrooms are getting smaller, so having a wetroom can make a small apartment feel cozier.

They’re easy to maintain

Wet rooms are easier to clean than traditional showers because of the waterproof materials that they use. The stylish, simple designs that many of them come with also means there are fewer places you’ll need to get into, so you’ll find it a lot easier to keep them looking presentable and smart than you might have done compared with your old bathroom. However, you do still need to keep up with regular cleaning.

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