How to Have Confidence with A New, Shorter Haircut

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go bold and short and never had the courage, or maybe you’re simply bored of your long locks and looking to try something new. Shorter hair can often be more difficult to manage depending on your cut, simply because shorter haircuts often need to be styled more specifically to give off a certain look – as opposed to being able to bring your hair back into a messy bun when it’s long, for example.

There’s no reason you can’t have bags of confidence and rock a shorter hairdo if you know how best to do it.

Consider How Short You Want to Go

Short isn’t just short. There are so many options and varieties that you need to be sure which style and length is right for you.

If this is your first time going drastically short, you may wish to consider a length longer than you first thought so that you can then cut it shorter later once you have got used to the idea. It would be worse if you cut it too short and had to then wait for it to grow back.

Style It

Proper styling is usually essential for certain shorter haircuts, which need a bit of volume to them or perhaps need a little help staying in a certain place. To make the most of your short haircut, you need to understand how best to style it and make sure you do so to get the full effect.

You can use gels, waxes, hairsprays, or curlers to get any desired look.


Shorter hairstyles are the perfect opportunities to show off some accessories and complementary pieces of jewelry. Especially if you have a very short haircut, like a pixie cut or even shorter, statement pieces like bold necklaces or an attractive pair of earrings can help to complement your style, especially if your ears are always on show. You can find a great selection at to match any hairstyle.

Curl It

Short hairstyles like bobs were made to be adaptable, and offer the opportunity to get more creative. If the idea of curling extremely long hair before always put you off, you can now have fun curling or waving your hair to give it a completely different look to when you straighten it.

Color It

Short hairstyles offer the perfect opportunity to get playful with color. You could add highlights, streaks, or maybe even go for a bold, shocking color, which is much easier when you only have a smaller surface area of hair to work with!

Keep it Clean

It may have been easy to disguise messy or unwashed hair when it was very long, but if you now have a haircut that is too short to be hidden in a tieback, then you may feel more confident keeping it clean and regularly washed when needed. This will also help it to keep its bounce and volume, which can really help with very short hairstyles.

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