Why Keep Vintage Jewelry and Buy New Too

vintage jewelry

If you have been passed down jewelry, you could be sitting on a small fortune!While most family heirloom jewelry is more for show and costume than particularly valuable, what jewelry means to people for sentimental reasons usually makes us want to hold onto it.For some people, though, their heirloom and vintage jewelry is actually worth quite a lot of money!

Should You Buy New Pieces?

While buying or keeping vintage jewelry is always a good idea, getting a new piece is always fun! Even if it’s just a new necklace or ring from Katie Waltman Jewelry for a special occasion, a new piece is something great to have. When choosing a new piece, you should make sure it is made of quality materials so it can be passed down as well, hopefully starting a new family heirloom tradition.

The Value Of Vintage

Sometimes we just want to look at nice things. That is the reason, in part, why we love vintage jewelry. Vintage and heirloom jewelry can be gorgeous! For most people, having a collector piece that has been passed down and valued by many generations is priceless, regardless of the actual material value.

If you haven’t got any family heirloom jewelry, you may often find beautiful vintage pieces at thrift stores or on sites like Etsy. This is another reason to keep your eye out for new pieces if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or have that one heirloom or family piece.

The Culture Factor

You can’t put a price tag on good culture! Vintage jewelry is the best way to connect with your past.

If you have a necklace that belonged to your grandmother or a bracelet that was worn by your great-grandmother, it can be lovely to have these pieces in your collection. They are worth keeping just for the memories they hold.

Considering the cultural heritage should also be part of the deciding factor when considering new pieces, especially if you find a unique or rare piece that is part of a collection.

While these pieces may not have any specific value, they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Is It Real? Is It Fake?

It can be hard to tell! While many people these days buy vintage pieces specifically for the story behind them, not everyone knows the true history behind their piece.

This can be because it was just handed down to them by family or because they’ve had it for years without considering its true history.

The same goes for new jewelry. Unless you buy from a reputable seller, knowing if what you are buying is real or fake can be tricky.

 If you are going to buy new or even secondhand jewelry, make sure you know what you are buying. It’s a good idea to take the piece to a professional jeweler just in case.

Value On The Market

If you are thinking about getting an appraisal, there are many places online where you can get estimates on the value of popular pieces. You may also want to look into local antique shops or other high-end dealers.

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