6 Reasons We Can’t Stop Loving Heavy Caster Wheels

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Heavy Duty Caster Wheels can be extremely useful in several situations. In the office, for example, office chairs tend to accumulate dirt over time, which makes them harder to move around. Dirt also attracts hair and static electricity, which can cause your office chair to lose traction.

High Precision Bearings

Heavy-duty caster wheels are a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. They can be used to move furniture, appliances, and other heavy items. Some casters are also equipped with decorative wheels, which are useful for displaying items on shelves. These wheels are also commonly used in industrial plants and warehouses. They are designed to accommodate the weight of heavy work items, and they have high-precision bearings to ensure smooth operation. Heavy-duty caster wheels are a key component of aircraft engine stands and tow bars.

Acorn Industrial Products Co manufactures and stocks a wide range of superior caster wheels. In addition to offering standard replacement caster wheels for manual and power applications, they also offer casters with special lubrication for high-temperature environments. In addition, the company offers wheels made of neoprene rubber with a molded-in rubber edge to reduce noise and protect the floor.

Easy to Move

Heavy-duty caster wheels make it easy to move large items quickly and easily. This wheel allows you to roll or push heavy objects without exerting much physical force. Caster wheels are designed for industrial use and are very durable. Casters are perfect for moving equipment and other items around your workplace.

Casters can be made from various materials. Choosing the right one depends on your specific needs. The wheel size and material can affect ergonomics and ease of movement.

Easy to Clean

Heavy-duty caster wheels can be easily cleaned with a few simple steps. After you remove them from their bases, wipe them down with a damp cloth. It would help if you also cleaned the outside and inside of the wheel cover. For tough-to-reach places, you can use a cotton swab. Finally, soak them in warm water and soap to remove dirt and noise.

The lubricant for these wheels is available at Bearing Centre. For plastic wheels, silicone oil is recommended, while grease-free oil is best for metal wheels.

Easy to Install

Caster wheels are an easy way to move a heavy load from one place to another. They are designed to withstand the weight of two hundred to three hundred pounds. They have a 360-degree steering feature and brakes. They come with a set of screws and nuts for installation. They can be adapted for a wide variety of applications. They are very easy to install.

Heavy-duty caster wheels are available in different designs. You can choose a set with four swivel casters, which will be suitable for different applications. Moreover, there are casters with brakes that are designed for different applications.

Easy to Remove

Heavy-duty caster wheels are ideal for heavy items. They can support up to 800 pounds. When replacing these wheels, make sure the replacement wheels are capable of supporting the same amount of weight. To get the right wheels, you can measure the center line of the existing casters and the legs of the equipment.

First, remove the old caster by pulling it out from its socket. The caster may be attached to a stem, so pull it out with a bit of force. If the caster wheel doesn’t budge, you may need to pry it out with a screwdriver. Alternatively, use the claw side of a hammer to pry out the stem of the old caster.

Then, consider the material of the caster wheel. The most common materials for caster wheels are metal and rubber. You should choose the material that matches the design of the chair. You should also consider the load capacity of the caster wheel. If it’s used regularly, then it’s important to choose wheels with a larger capacity. In addition, you should avoid purchasing cheaply made caster wheels as they won’t evenly distribute the weight and will wear out faster.

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