How to Discuss Vaping with Your Teen

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Vaping has increased in popularity over the years and is now seen as the alternative to smoking tobacco. Whether you vape yourself or not, it is important to get clued up and aware of what vaping is, how it works and how much it costs. When you have a teen, you may find that they will be asking questions about vaping if they are not already. To be ready for the discussion, you can get ahead of them by finding out as much as you can and then presenting the information to them in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Know Your Facts

Unless you are an expert on vaping, you will need to ensure that you have the relevant information, facts, and statistics to hand. If you don’t go on facts and you make things up, your teen will eventually find out at some point and then discredit anything you have said to them, which in turn, will make the whole exercise a bit pointless.So, save time and get the information correct the first time around.

Talk Through How Vaping Works and What Equipment Is Used

Talking through how vaping works and showing the equipmentused for vaping will make things a lot more authentic for your teen., your teen will be able to see how vaping truly works, what equipment is used, and how much the instruments cost to buy.They will see that there is a lot more to vaping than just buying the vape juice. Your teen may well be surprised at what they have to buy, and if it appears they are surprised, don’t try and get one up on them and certainly do not end up talking your teen’s ears off.If you feel that you are just talking for the sake of it, try to use pictures where you can or end the discussion so that it can be picked up another day. If possible, try and get hold of videos as these can create a more interactive discussion which you may find engages your teen a little bit more.

Do Not Lecture

It can be difficult not to lecture your teen, especially when you are trying to get something through to them. Practice discussing things with friends and other family members to see how you come across. Practicing with others will help you improve your skills which is important for discussions with your teen.Your teen will not think twice to keep asking questions and even cross-question the information you have given them, so be prepared.

Ask For Their Thoughts – Give Them the Floor

Quite often, it can be easy to just simply talk about something to your teen without actually giving them a chance to get a word in. Your teen will appreciate the discussion more if they get to have a say so and they get to put their views and thoughts across. A discussion should be a two-way street, so be prepared to listen to what your teen has to say, do not interrupt them, and do not be blasé about the points or argument they make.

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