How To Survive in Small Business

small business

When it comes time for you to spread your managerial wings and start your own business, there’s a lot to do and, more importantly, many ways that you can fail. Most businesses last less than a year, and you’ll have to bring your A game in order to avoid that fate. Here’s what you need to know.



“Location, location, location.” It’s a trope, but it’s an accurate trope that the location of your business will play a major role in your success. For starters, a prime location can serve as free marketing to locals in the area, and that combines with word of mouth for the best free advertising you can get. However, even once you’re a household name, you can still lose out to a competitor based solely on the inconvenience of your location compared to their own. When considering a space for your business, try to prioritize innovative architectural designs and an area with a  lot of nearby foot traffic, because these two factors will highlight your place of business to passersby, whether they’re curious, first time shoppers or lifelong customers alike.

Market Research

market research

In business, most things come back to either marketing or data, and this is a great example of what can happen when those worlds collide. Market research consists of various techniques, the most common of which is surveys that reveal important information about the state of your target market and demographics. This kind of information will prove to be invaluable before, during, and after your grand opening, because it can illustrate the needs that your business will have to meet in order to achieve profitability. Market data is the key to the kingdom in terms of both your overall business strategy and your marketing tactics, so step one and 1000 of running a company is doing your homework.


Funding all of the essential amenities for a business is prohibitively expensive, and that means that most small business owners will depend on funding from either a private investor or a bank. Business loans and investments can make the difference between letting a good idea go to waste and pursuing your financial freedom uninhibited, but you’ll first have to convince any relevant parties that you will provide a return on their investments. In other words, you’ll have to create a convincingly competent business plan that can show your benefactor that your business is all but destined to make money.

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