Tips for a green Christmas: toys, decorations and decorations

green Christmas

Ideas and advice for a green Christmas: sustainable toys for babies and children, solidarity purchases, ecological decorations.

Christmas is a particularly intense time in which you should take the opportunity to be with the people you love, but it is often experienced as a really stressful time due to the rush for gifts. But what if we decide to spend a green Christmas instead? Here are some tips to celebrate in an eco-sustainable way.

Why a green Christmas

Children are increasingly involved in issues concerning ecology and the environment: they study it at school during the time of Civic Education (and not only), they see it at home with separate waste collection , maybe you have accustomed them to good practices how to use the bottle and avoid food waste. But Christmas is well known; it is also the celebration of consumerism and … waste! Only for decorations, Advent calendars, gifts, wrapping paper… On the 25th, at the end of the day, the garbage overflows and is often full of plastic packaging used for toys, which in turn are made of plastic. Online game like could be a good choice as well. 

But all this has an impact on the Planet, which is increasingly in danger: recycling is not enough, we must act first, when purchasing, avoiding it where possible or preferring an ecological and sustainable option. So let’s see together how to transmit the values ​​of a green Christmas to our children.

Green advent decorations and calendar

Even before Christmas day , there are the days before, in which we get ready. The house is set up, the tree is made , new decorations and decorations are bought if necessary . Instead of buying something new, try to make your decorations yourself, perhaps with the help of the children with Christmas crafts.. Or, if you really have to buy them, opt for ecological decorations, which last a long time and, if damaged, are biodegradable. When you have finished all your preparation you can enjoy best usa online casino.

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for children

Christmas gifts are obviously the bulk of the holidays, especially those for children. Many have very specific requests that they express in the letter to Santa Claus , other times they are more vague. If you don’t want to disappoint your child who asked for that plastic gift that comes from China, you can still give advice to friends and relatives and suggest ecological and green gifts.. Here are some ideas divided by age.

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for children 0-3 years old When they are very young, they do not necessarily already have clear ideas, which allows them to indulge themselves and opt for sustainable gifts . For small children you can choose ecological wooden toys, such as toy cars, kitchens, interlocking games, puzzles and much more.

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