5 Ways to Encourage a Love of Music in Your Child

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Whether you think of yourself as a musical family or not, inspiring a love of music is important for all children, providing them with an outlet for their emotions and helping their bodies and minds work in harmony together.

Furthermore, music can help to develop your child’s language, literacy, fine and gross motor skills.

If you don’t know where to start with encouraging a love of music in your child, the below blog is just what you need.

From simply listening to various music to carrying out music-related crafts to attending local live music events, keep reading to discover five simple ways that you can inspire a love of all things musical in your child, whatever their age and ability.

1.   Sing to your child

From the moment your baby enters the world, you can start instilling a love of music in them by singing to them. You may even have sung to them when they were in the womb.

It doesn’t matter whether you sing your favorite pop song, a nursery rhyme, or a full-blown aria; singing offers a great way to bond with your kids and introduce them to the joys of music.

As they get older, try singing simple songs that are easy for them to memorize to start to enjoy the act of singing for themselves.

playing instrument

2.   Play an instrument

Whether your child is old enough to start learning to play a real instrument or they are better suited to musical instrument toys, playing an instrument allows them to enjoy the wonder of creating their own sounds and music.

Discover a stunning collection of musical instrument toys here, with everything from drum sets to microphones, mini pianos, to xylophones.

3.   Try music-related crafts

Most children love crafting, especially when it allows them to get messy. There are many music-related crafts that you can try with some of the most popular, including making your own drums, shakers, and guitar.

If your child already loves to perform, you could even have a go at making your own stage complete with musical props.

4.   Attend local music events

You don’t need to spend a fortune going to pop concerts to give your child a live experience of music. Instead, look for local music festivals and events that are often free to attend.

If you have a baby or toddler, it can also be a good idea to look out for local music mom and baby groups in your area.

5.   Listen to music together

If your child sees you listening to and enjoying music, they are much more likely to show an interest themselves. As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter what music you listen to, although it can be a good idea to try and offer various styles, as long as you are consistent in your efforts to expose your child to music.

Make sure to ask your child how each song makes them feel, as this can help build an emotional connection with them and the music and help with their overall emotional development.

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