Recipes for weight loss

Recipes for weight loss

If you came here because you said: “I need to lose weight”. We do not want to deceive you, the best recipe for weight loss (without dieting) is fasting. Moreover recent research shows that fasting is linked to longevity … But with willpower can eat very low calorie and follow our tips to lose weight fast. You’ll also get results.

The best food for weight loss and diet food:

  • Salads over 200 recipes for salads of all kinds.
  • Vegetarian recipes the best and most healthy vegetarian recipes
  • Food diet foods that help you lose weight
  • Fat burning foods (or negative calorie)
  • Diet alcahofa the power of l artichoke, artichoke recipes
  • Recipes over 10,000 recipes of all kinds, to lose weight and not lose weight
  • Food: fruits and vegetables, slimming
  • Fasting diet or semi – fast with syrup sap -limon
  • Table of calories of the most popular foods.

Recipes for weight loss

Follow the numerous “free diets” or exercise programs do not always ensures a significant weight loss. With meals designed for weight loss, without necessarily follow strict diets, reducing healthy fruit desserts … frequent recourse to the rich salad, walk, drink plenty of fluids … get excellent results.
Recipes for weight loss

To lose weight easily also follow these tips:

1. Follow a fortnight a diet of fruits and vegetables, little fish (grilled) or white meat (chicken breast, turkey); recourse as little as possible to pasta and red meat. If you take it with light pulses recipes (rice with vegetables, stews such as gypsy pot) during the diet (not diet do not deprive yourself of eating vegetables).
2. Confectionery it aside completely from sight. Do not drink alcohol (exceptionally a small glass of red wine).
3. Exceptionally you can try a small ounce of pure black chocolate (70%).
4. Combine dishes of vegetarian cooking with frequent salads.
5. Use products (fruits and vegetables) season, have more flavor and are cheaper. They will best suit your needs depending on the season (summer heat, hydration needs, etc.).
6. Drink plenty of fluids: water, teas and juices.
7. Learn about the properties of food and use more frequently those with “slimming properties, or better” detoxifying “such as cucumber, the lemon , the garlic , artichokes, etc. are products used in many diets with good results. Poesen properties that promote detoxification, elimination of toxins and rapid fat disappointment.
8. Ande, move, get active in moderation (up stairs, bathrooms, showers …).
9. Take a semi fasting three days the diet syrup sap and lemon if it misses seeing the results you want.

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