The importance of breakfast

The importance of breakfast

We recommend that before starting a diet, visit a qualified physician for him to make a detailed examination of the state of our bodies and recommend if we can submit to diet at that time. A breakfast well planned ensures the supply of nutrients to through food for the day with energy and not glucose deficits adversely affecting the physical and academic performance. Keep in mind that the body takes 10 to 12 hours without any food that the child should get up early and spend the first minute grooming activities and personal care before, to generate hunger.

Anyone you make a good breakfast, improve their nutritional status and performance. Improved nutritional status.

Take a good breakfast helps to have higher intakes of most nutrients needed by the body throughout the day.

The importance of breakfast

Children and young people who skip breakfast tend to have a poorer quality diet, while those who do it properly, often make less fat diet richer in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals … Weight Control. The practice of dividing the calories during the day 4 or 5 shots will make the rest of the meals are not overloaded.

A proper breakfast, helps reduce the fat content of the diet and helps avoid resentment between meals, very important in controlling the weight factor. School, physical and intellectual performance. People who skip breakfast set in motion a series of mechanisms in the body (decreased insulin and increased cortisol, catecholamines …) to maintain blood glucose at acceptable levels. These hormonal changes can alter or limit the behavior and negatively influence the physical and academic performance.

The importance of breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit. A good breakfast should contain portions of basic food groups: – Starchy: bread, cereal, toast, biscuits … provide carbohydrates slow absorption that provide energy and vitamins and minerals. –

Dairy: milk or yogurt or cheese protein content and calcium, vitamin A, D and B vitamins – Fruit: contains carbohydrates rapidly absorbed, water, vitamins, minerals and fiber. – Other: cheese, ham … rich in high quality protein. Altogether breakfast should account for between 20 and 25% of the calories consumed throughout the day

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