Slimming tips ass

Slimming tips ass

Slimming ass, butt, buttocks … we’re going to beat around the bush. Unfortunately fat has the “mania” deposited there. And not bad fight there.

You probably think that what you have left is “ass” and want that fat disappear into that part of your body. We will try to help you. It never hurts to tighten the buttocks and fight the trend of the buttocks cellulite that also can start very young ages if we are not careful.

There are many sports that will go you well: swimming, running, and walking. Of all the exercise bike (or normal) about 30 minutes a day is the best way to harden and lose weight in the buttocks.

There is a very popular program exercise bike in the US is called “spinning”. A scheduled 40 minutes on an exercise bike pedaling, visualization, directed breathing that will work miracles in your “ass” training.

Tips for slimming legs

A year classic of buttocks

1. First part: put a “fours” with knees touching the ground.
2. Breathe slowly and deeply while lifting his right leg with the knee bent. Stay in this position as you slowly breathe out.
3. Return to start position and repeat the exercise 20 times with each leg. Do 10 and 10.
4. Second part: right leg back stretches and inspire slowly as much as you can, get up
in May. Then lower leg pushing the air.
6. You have to repeat the exercise 20 times with each leg. Do 10 and 10.


An alternative route is liposuction cons and pros. That is, the removal of excess body fat by suction using a specialized surgical team performed by a plastic surgeon. It is done through a small incision in the skin and connected to a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Slimming tips ass

Female hormones so conducive

Estrogens favor the accumulation of fat from the waist down (buttocks, hips and upper thighs). Unlike progesterone (men), the incentive in the upper body. So do not worry. You know that “the fatter is your ass, most are female”.


No special diets buttocks. You can follow a general diet that suits your preferences. Generally follows rules of healthy food; You can cheer you trying to lose 3 kilos ; Do not abuse fats, this always keep the calorie chart of the most common foods.

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