How to Plan to Move into an Assisted Living Community


Moving into an assisted living community takes a lot of planning and organization. Whether you are looking to move yourself or are looking to support a loved one who is moving, this checklist is here to help. The checklist has been divided up into different sections to help you more clearly understand what goes into moving into an assisted living community.

Make Arrangements with the Assisted Living Community

As Brightview Senior Living explains, some assisted living communities have a waitlist, so once you have found your ideal community, you should make arrangements as soon as possible.Aside from move-in dates, you will want to collect details like the size of the room or apartment you are moving into. Details like this will prove very useful when you begin packing to move.

Medical Checklist

  • Visit Your Doctor

Before you move into an assisted living community, you will need to visit your doctor. This is both for a general check-up and to inform your doctor about your change in circumstances. This means that your doctor will know to contact the community with any relevant information before your move.

  • Organize You Medication

You will also need to get all of your medication in order to ensure it is safely stored and accessible when you move.

  • Find a New Doctor

If you are moving areas, then you will need to find a new doctor. Your assisted living community should be able to help you with a recommendation.

Packing and Moving

  • Hire a Moving Company

You will need to hire a moving company to help you move your belongings. You should arrange this early to ensure the company is available on your intended moving date. It is worth checking reviews of the company you are using to ensure that they are well respected.

  • Hire a Professional Packer

If you are significantly downsizing, you might want to consider hiring a professional packer. This is an experiencedindividual that can help you decide what to do with your belongings. They will help you decide what to bring with you, what to store, what to give away to friends and family, and what to donate. Using the services of a professional can help make the whole process easier, as some people find it physically or emotionally draining.

  • Keep Valuable Belongings Safe

Valuable belongings do not necessarily mean your most expensive items;they can also describe the belongings you have the greatest emotional attachment to. It is a good idea to keep these separate and safe in the moving process to avoid any unintended breakages.

Logistical Planning

  • Forward Your Mail

You should set up your mail to be forwarded to your new address, this can be done online via the US Postal Service.

  • Cancel Bills and Subscriptions

You need to contact your utility providers to cancel your subscriptions when you move.

  • Send a Change of Address Notice

You should send your friends and family a change of address card or email to ensure that they have your new address. The assisted living community you are moving to should always be there to help. In addition to following the steps in this checklist, you should also contact the care providers to see what other recommendations they have.

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