4 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Sport

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If you have a friend or family member with a special day coming up, you may be super organized, or have no idea what to get them. When it comes to sports-lovers, there are plenty of accessories and products out there to choose from, but how do you decide what they would truly appreciate, and most importantly, use? From sports socks to running belts, here are four gift ideas for people who love sports.

Yoga mat

Yoga mats are not just used in yoga classes. In fact, they have a multitude of uses, which make them a very handy present for anyone who loves sport or exercise. A yoga mat can of course be used in yoga classes, but they are also great for general workouts, especially from home. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, lengths, and thicknesses to make sure the mat you choose is perfect for your loved one. There are also different variations for beginners or pros, those who like to travel with their mat, or those who need extra grip in those super-sweaty classes.

Water bottle

One of the most essential items for anyone taking part in sport or exercise, water bottles can be a great present to personalize and add a bit of color or fun to a workout. The average American uses around 167 plastic water bottles a year, but only recycles 38 of them, leading to huge amounts of waste and pollution. By investing in a reusable water bottle, you can help save money and the planet. There are so many designs to pick, with different features such as filters, coolers, or infusers. Many brands also have eco-friendly options, made with sustainable materials or manufacturing processes, so you can choose a gift that will be used frequently and is good for the environment.

Running belt

These are incredibly useful accessories, and not just for runners. They act as storage and safety items, and can also be weighted to add an extra layer to your workout. Running belts have many different features and functions, such as storage for your important items like a phone and keys, drinks holders, and they can also have reflective elements to them to increase your visibility and safety. Running belts also come in a huge range of colors, sizes, and materials, so that you can make sure they fit properly and are comfortable to wear.


Socks might seem like a stereotypically boring present to give someone when you don’t know what else to choose, but when it comes to sports, the socks that you wear can help to enhance your workout or performance. Sports socks should be made of materials that are moisture-wicking, which means they repel water away from the skin, but allow it to evaporate through the shoe. This helps prevent blisters and fungal infections. There are also socks available that add extra support to ankles or other parts of the foot, or aid recovery after a workout.

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