8 things you should always keep in your car


What do you keep in your car? Do you have everything you need in an emergency situation? From snacks and water to a simple toolkit, you should prepare for any situation that could occur. You could break down at the side of the road. You could end up having to live in your car for a few days. With that in mind, here’s everything you should keep in your car.

Details for breakdown service

If your car is giving you trouble on the side of a busy street with no one around, you may need phone numbers for a breakdown service. Keep these in your glove box, as well as roadside assistance information.

Reflective triangles and a high-visibility jacket

If you ever break down, popping a reflective triangle behind your car will be better than nothing. Many cars have these inside the trunk. A high-visibility jacket is also important for walking on the side of the road to signal traffic. In some countries, it is mandatory to have one of these jackets in your car at all times.

First aid kit

If anything at all happens to you or your passengers, first aid bags will always come in handy. The kit should contain bandages, ointments for cuts and burns, disinfectants, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, if you are transporting children, make sure the kit contains children’s supplies like baby oil and antiseptic creams.

Fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your car is important, not just to put out flames but also for controlling electrical fires. Make sure the one you have is rated for use with gasoline and other flammable liquids that may be in your car. It should fit easily into the storage compartment that’s already in your car.

Spare tire and car jack

If you ever get a flat tire, don’t panic. Believe it or not, most cars come with these tools already built into the trunk, so you can easily change your flat tire for the spare one. You might also need tire levers if there is any jagged metal poking through the rubber of your tire. If you are renting a car, make sure these are included with the car.

Food and water

Try to keep some food and bottled water in the trunk of your car. Stock up on simple snacks like cookies or chips, as well as plastic utensils for eating while you wait for help. Bottled water is also important in case anyone needs to drink while stranded somewhere. You should try and pick items that don’t need to be heated, like canned foods.

Jump leads/portable battery pack

If you don’t have access to a spare battery, jump leads or a portable battery pack may help. They aren’t as good as a car with a fully charged battery but will work in some cases. Check that the jumper lead clips on your car are compatible with your car’s clamps first.

Mobile phone charger &torch

If you ever get caught in the dark or run out of charge for your car, phone, or tablet, having a portable charger will always come in handy. Keep one in your glove compartment with spare cables for charging any devices you use on long journeys. It might also be good to keep a smaller-sized torch just in case. Plus, you’ll probably want some music to listen to while you wait.

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