Fitting Online Classes Into Your Busy Life: 4 Tips for Women


Online learning has leaped to the forefront of higher education, and technology has allowed many colleges to offer long-distance learning across many fields of study. According to one educational study, women, in particular, are taking advantage of these classes, with over 50 percent of women of all races and ethnicities earning both associates and bachelor’s degrees online. Fitting online classes into a busy life can be a challenge for any woman; however, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can increase your chances of academic success.

1. Choose Your Degree Wisely

Some students waste time and money by taking online courses and then deciding their chosen career path is not for them after all. Then they must start over with a new set of core classes and delay their graduation, which can result in missed employment opportunities and added expenses. To avoid this, browse schools, degree plans, and course descriptions carefully so you can make an informed decision about your long-distance learning opportunities.

For example, if you are considering a Grand Canyon University Nursing degree, make a list of which educational goals you want to achieve, what nursing specialty you see yourself working in, and which degree you will need to complete to accomplish your goals. Making detailed plans for your future can help you remain focused and avoid wasted time and tuition.

2. Practice Time Management

Few tools are more helpful to college students than time management, and this can be especially true if you are a woman who is working and raising children as you try to earn your degree. With so many different responsibilities in your life, you may already have time management down pat; however, there are a few strategies you can use to fit online classes into your day or evening without disrupting your schedule.

One way to make the best of your time is to plan out a set time each day to devote to your studies. Choose a time of day that will be free of distractions. Consider getting up an hour earlier or staying up an hour later, depending on what time of day you feel most alert, and devote at least 40-50 minutes to each class. Use an online calendar or bullet journal to track your progress and adjust your study time as needed. Remove distractions from your study area like cell phones, TV’s, video games or anything else that might tempt you to be less focused.

3. Tackle Big Projects Early On

Once you choose some classes, it is wise to take a close look at your online syllabus and note when large projects, such as term papers, will be due. Make these dates a priority on your calendar so you can start them a few weeks in advance. Tackling them in small chunks instead of trying to complete them all in one week will create less stress in your life and will likely result in a higher quality project. This can be especially important if you are taking a full load of classes and have several large assignments due at the same time.

4. Enlist Your Family’s Help

Earning a degree does not have to be a challenge you take on alone. Whether you are looking into Grand Canyon University Nursing programs or want a career in health systems, your family can become a major support system throughout your education. Create a chore calendar so your kids know when they need to help out, and let your family members know when you need to study for an exam or finish a project so you can work at home without interruption. Having dedicated support can mean the difference between educational success and failure.

With so much that happens in your life, you might wonder if taking online classes is a viable way to further your education. However, with proper planning, dedication, and help from your loved ones, you can achieve your career goals without having to sacrifice other roles in your life that help define you as a woman.

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