Ways to Set a Good Example for Your Kids


It is truly amazing how much children absorb just by watching you. At some point, you may have been told that your child is a mini you. Part of this is because he follows what you do. Unfortunately, this means your kid may pick up on your not so great habits as well. While no one is perfect, there are certain things you can do to help set a good example for your child.

Read With Them

It is never too early to start reading to your child. This will help instill a love of learning in him or her right from the start. Your child is never too old for you to read aloud to him or her. When he is old enough, you can take turns and have him read to you too. This will also let you see his progress and determine if you need to implement any interventions. There are plenty of online worksheets that help with everything from understanding what a preposition is to reading comprehension skills.

Put Down the Technology

Technology has become such a prominent part of everyday life that you may not even notice how much screen time you’re putting in. If you glance around a waiting room or look at people standing in line, you’ll probably observe that almost everyone is on his or her phone. It may sound difficult, but putting your technology away can have a big impact on your kid. If your child constantly sees you on your tablet or phone, he will want to indulge in more screen time. Try having no technology at the table rule. Use this time to talk and find out what is going on in your child’s life. When you are with your child, be present. You can’t fully focus on your kid if you are browsing through social media at the same time. Remember that your child will be going off to college before you know it, so enjoy the time you have with him.

Make Healthy Choices

Teaching your child healthy eating habits is extremely important. One of the best ways to do this is lead by example. Cook healthy meals, and have family dinners. Try getting your child to cook with you, and use this time to educate him on the importance of healthy choices. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not solely confined to eating habits. You also want to make sure your child stays active. Go on walks together, or visit a local park. Training for a race together can help keep you active and allows you more time to bond with your kids. If your child isn’t quite ready for a 5k, most races have a fun run just for kids that is usually a mile or less.

Raising a child is a huge responsibility but also an amazing journey. Your child looks up to you and depends on you to guide him through his childhood. You are helping to shape the person he is going to grow up to be, and he is going to follow your lead. Never underestimate just how amazing and perceptive your child can be.

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