10 Things to Sort Out Before the Birth of Your Baby


Making a list of things to think about when preparing for your baby can be super helpful. Not only does it keep you busy before your new arrival makes an appearance, but these things you take note of can help you out once your baby is born. Reducing stress and worry as much as you can when your baby arrives is very important and it means you can enjoy the time you spend with your new bundle because things have already been planned out. So, to help you with your journey, here are 10 things you should sort out before your little bundle of joy arrives.

Purchase Waterproof Sheets

This first tip isfor you as well as your baby. Mattress protectors are important to protect your mattress from the amniotic fluid released when your waters break. When this occurs, you will be leaving in a hurry and won’t have time to clean up the mess. This feature isn’t only for before the arrival, but for accidents that may occur afterward. Everyone is different, but women being incontinent after having a baby is not unheard of. So, to protect your mattress, it is best to get a waterproof protector, just in case. You should have protectors for your baby’s crib mattress as well. It is so much easier to clean up and ensure your baby’s sleeping area is clean and dry in the event of an accident.

Make Sure Your Bags Are Packed

Since the arrival date of the baby isn’t 100% known, the sooner you get your bags packed, the better. You should make sure a bag is packed for both you and the baby. Your partner may need a little bag too. There are many things you should include, so make a list of what you should consider packing for yourself.

Clean the Carpets

Although this isn’t essential, having the carpets cleaned doesn’t only make you and your house feel fresh and clean, but it makes the floor that little bit safer for your new baby. If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned for a while, it is definitely something to do because you won’t have the time once the baby has arrived.

Find a Pediatrician

Asking friends or your hospital for a reliable pediatrician before the baby arrives is much easier than sorting it out in the hospital and it means you can book an appointment as soon as you get home after your new arrival makes their first appearance. Some pediatricians will allow you to meet them while you’re pregnant, which can make you feel better about your decision.

Give the Baby Clothes a Wash

Whether the clothes are from a store or hand-me-downs, pre-washing them won’t do you any harm. It will kill bacteria, makes them smell nice, and is perfect if your baby is born with sensitive skin as clean clothes will be less irritable. It can be a fun activity to wash and put away all your new baby clothes, as well as being able to see what you have already got and what you still need.

Get Yourself a Couple of Nursing Bra’s

If you are thinking about breastfeeding your baby, then you will want to invest in some nursing bras. It is advisable not to wear underwire in your bras until you have been breastfeeding for three months. Having ones without underwire are also comfier to sleep in. Getting at least one of these nursing bras is much easier than stuffing nursing pads in a normal bra because it can get annoying to move the pads around when feeding the baby. Having a nursing bra with clips adds to the ease of breastfeeding, especially when the baby is being impatient.

Prepping Meals

Making a bunch of meals that you can freeze makes it a lot easier to eat well when your baby has arrived. Finding time to cook and clean can be tough when you bring your baby home, and having a hot tasty meal ready for your husband when he comes home is the last thing you want to be stressed about. So, make a few meals a month or so before your due date and stick them in the freezer. It is common for freezer room to be tight, but the more you can do the better.

Car Seat Installation

Having a car seat installed is essential when it comes to bringing your baby home from the hospital. It isn’t hard to do, but it’s not something you want to forget once you get to the hospital. There are many places that offer car seat installation assessments to make sure the car seat has been installed correctly, which will guarantee that your baby is safe on their first car journey in the new world.

Designing Your Baby’s Nursery

Having your nursery prepared for your baby is very important. You can see everything you have purchased and know what you need. Examples of things to buy are drawers to store clothes, a crib, a chair (so you have an area to feed your baby in comfort), shelves, decorations, and a baby changing table, which you can view here, and an area for diaper disposal. Making sure the room has a fresh layer of paint and some blackout curtains is also advisable.

Creating a Birthing Plan

A birthing plan is extremely useful, especially during times of stress. You can state things like a labor plan, who you want tobe present in the room during the birth, if you want to breastfeed as soon as the baby is born, etc. It is a handy tool and can help with easing your mind when it comes to the delivery, even if the plan isn’t followed step by step, it is definitely advisable to have one.

The most important thing to remember is to embrace the excitement of this amazing experience. Waiting for your baby to be born and maintaining that patience if your due date passes can be tough. But make sure you keep yourself busy and use that free time because once your baby is here, you won’t have much time for yourself.

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