A Taste of Toronto


Toronto is well known for its tourism, with thousands of visitors entering the city each year. The sights, sounds, tastes and smell make for a memorable vacation destination. If you are not familiar with this Canadian hot spot, here are a few highlights of the types of things available in Toronto.

Nature at its Finest

Although the city is a mass of modern skyscrapers and interesting architecture, the Toronto area features a number of parks flooded with fragrant bursts of pink cherry blossoms in the springtime, and brilliant carpets of orange and gold maple, oak and beech trees when fall rolls around. Bird watchers will thrill to catch sight of Shoveller ducks, geese and other fowl near the shores of Lake Ontario.

Memorable Flavors

No visit is complete without a taste of local foods. From a variety of unique chicken and burger dishes to vegan fare, there are many highly rated restaurants in the area. Try a local bubble tea or one of the popular Asian or Thai eateries. No time to stop or want casual relaxation while you eat? Have a popular meal delivery service like foodora.ca/city/torontobring your meal of choice right to your door.

Architectural Masterpieces

No visit to this Canadian town would be complete without a glimpse of several unique and rule-defying works of architecture. City Hall features a series of concrete arches crossing a reflecting pool. The “Black Towers” of the Toronto Dominion Centre were some of the first skyscrapers in the area. A massive black and white tiled rectangle resting on stilts is a must along with the CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge, which gives a sort of optical illusion of twisting girders as you drive through.

Of course, there are numerous cultural events, athletic venues, and pedestrian activities to do on any given day as well. Whether you are a foodie, an artist or nature lover, a family with children or a honeymooner, nature enthusiast or business travelers, anyone can enjoy a taste of Toronto.

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