Awesome Ideas for Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible school (VBS) is a fun week in the summertime where kids come to have fun, make friends and learn about the gospels. The Way International, a faith-based organization, would agree that delivering God’s word is the most important message of all.


The ship has sunk and your VBS group are castaways on a deserted island. In a seemingly desperate situation, teach the lessons of hope and depending on God in even the scariest, most lonely times.

  • Bible story ideas: Focus on stories about trying times and God giving strength. Some ideas include Joseph in prison (Genesis 40 and 41); Jonah and the fish (Jonah 1 and 2); and Esther helping her people (the book of Esther).
  • Decor: Line the hallways with blue butcher paper and glue fish and underwater creatures all over it. Include weeds, rocks and coral. Make the hallways the “ocean,” and each classroom the “beach.” Decorate rooms with palm trees; animals like parrots, turtles and lizards; and pieces of “debris” from your ship.
  • Crafts: Binoculars made of toilet paper tubes; paper-plate turtles; and sand-clay handprints decorated with rocks and shells.


Take your group on an adventure through the galaxy and the stars. The final frontier is a vast openness that goes on forever — just like God’s love.

  • Bible story ideas: God loves us all unconditionally. Teach stories reminding kids about this gift like God loving Adam and Eve despite their sin (Genesis 1 through 3); taking care of Job during his trials (the book of Job); and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16).
  • Decor: Think everything space: Stars and constellations, planets and moons. Decorate classrooms with cardboard box “rocket ships” and hang foam planets from the ceiling.
  • Crafts: Using colored beads and twine, have kids make solar system necklaces to wear during the week. Other ideas include moon paint (glue and shaving cream mixed to create a puffy effect); collages of star stickers; and galaxy painting (spray bottles of water and blue, purple and white paint) on black poster board.


While we can’t all break through brick walls and see through doors with X-ray vision, God gives each of us our own talents and superpowers. Remind children that they were created as special and unique as a superhero…and that the only superhero who can save them is the Lord.

  • Bible story ideas: God is the ultimate Savior. Stories that can help drive that point home to children include Daniel in the lion’s den (Daniel 6); Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt (Exodus 14); and David defeating Goliath (1 Samuel 17).
  • Decor: Take cues from comic books and pop culture. Make brightly-colored conversation bubbles with words like “POW!” and “ZAP” on them to hang from the ceiling. Other ideas for wall decor are masks, city landscapes and silhouettes of superheroes (capes optional).
  • Crafts: Paper plate masks; paper bag superheroes; and toilet paper roll superhero cuffs.

Keep kids engaged and eager to learn by presenting God’s word in a fun theme complete with cohesive decorations, stories and crafts. A theme that they find fun and interesting can help the lessons to stay with them for much longer than the week they’re with you.

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