Hosting a Holiday Party Without the Headache


The holiday season brings a lot of hustle and bustle, and there is always so much to do. Whether it is the Christmas shopping, the school plays, the office luncheon, or social engagements, it can seem both overwhelming and incredibly traditional. There are times when you may feel like skipping the cocktail party for your book club or claiming some fake illness to avoid to go to the office Christmas party. Even more stressful is your own personal obligation to host either friends or family for a gift exchange or holiday movie marathon. The added stress of planning something fun and festive can steal your holiday peace and joy vibes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can throw a fabulous party without the stress, and you can enjoy it just as much as those you invite. Here are some tips for keeping it simple but sensational.

1. Decorations

It is easy to feel pressured to deck your house with boughs of holly, but who are you trying to impress? If you are more of a traditional and classic holiday decoration, go simple but elegant. The key to this will be in the quality of your items. For a beautiful tree that will keep color and shape, consider purchasing an artificial one from Balsam Hill trees. With gorgeous color and a quality replication of a freshly-chopped-from the forest tree, the Balsam Hill reviews speak very highly about the quality this selection brings to the home. You can also go simple with the trimming, working with natural or rustic elements like strung popcorn, burlap, flannel ribbon, pinecones, and other cost-effective but stunning elements. If you want your home to seem cozy and inviting without having to spend a fortune on impressive, only-seen-once-a-year items, consider investing in more realistic decor.

2. Invitations

Because there will be a lot on the schedule for both you and your intended guests for the entire holiday season, send your invitations at least three weeks before your data. Many people are skipping the formal invitation and using emails, Evite, and social media options, but you can also create or download a unique design from shops like Etsy or Zazzle. Just don’t forget to mail them. Your best times for a weeknight party should be a starting time around 6 or 6:30, so people can stop by after work and still get home early enough to take care of their own business. If you are hosting on the weekend, later is acceptable.

3. Drinks

Once your guests say hello, the typical turn around the room is toward the bar. Skip the stress with a simple, but impressive streamline of choices. A pre-made holiday cocktail, a few bottles of wine, and beer are ways to keep the guests satisfied without ruining or your budget or having you busy making cocktails all night. You can premix your house drink and have in a pitcher or dispenser, letting guests serve themselves. Plan on having enough for at least two drink person.

4. Menu

Serving a full-course can be stressful unless you are having the meal catered. Simply serve some easy to make finger foods and let your guest casually munch throughout the party. It satisfies the hunger without leaving you a huge mess to clean up later. Crackers and cheese or veggie trays are always a favorite, but you could also go with warm dips spread in pita chips. Always look for foods that guests can eat with one hand since they are going to need the other for their drinks. Use your kitchen island or table as a buffet center.

Holiday parties don’t have to be ho-hum traditional or over-the-top stressful. If you plan ahead and keep it simple, you can create an evening of food and fun without stealing any holiday cheer from your own life.

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