Why Do People Crave Entertainment?


Entertainment can be defined as the act of being amused. This is somewhat of a passive engagement and it is characterized by paying attention to an activity conducted by others. Examples of entertainment venues including television, theatre, and radio. In all of the entertainment media, the audience is using his senses in order to focus on a task being performed by another party. In the case of radio, the participant is listening to the entertainment with the auditory sense and in the case of television or theatre, the participant is watching the entertainment with the visual sense. Entertainment is characterized by interesting stories or lively activities.

The question is: Why is it that people crave entertainment?

Passivity is Relaxing


One reason why people enjoy entertainment is that it is relaxing to remain passive to auditory and visual stimulation. The act of listening and watching is unarguably one that pacifies the participant. When this act is performed, it is likely to create a calming effect upon the audience member. The relaxation that an audience member can experience through viewing a television show or listening to a song is notable and provides a reprieve from the stressors of daily life.

The Labor Workforce Requires Passive Relaxation 

Through the passivity of witnessing entertainment, the individual is able to release his or her sense of obligation to remain active. Those who work long hours in labor-oriented jobs are required to stay physically active for the majority of their day. The majority of the workforce in the United States at least is involved in the labor-force with about 63% of workers performing labor for wages. Disney has seen great success in the entertainment industry as a publicly-traded company, NYSE DIS. This population experiences relaxation when they are relinquished from the necessity to be active and instead may passively witness others doing activities. This is the basis of why entertainment is cathartic.

Entertainment Boosts the Mood


Many forms of entertainment are known to boost the mood of those who are spectating or listening to its storylines. This goes for films made by Disney, as well as TV shows and movies that are comedies. Romantic comedies are especially helpful in bringing a smile to the viewer’s face. What is it about entertainment that makes us as consumers so happy? Perhaps it is the mere fact that a simple story can tell so much when communicated via the fascinating channel of a movie or radio show.

Even programming that is centered around more serious topics can often bring the listener or viewer a sense of calm in the long-term. He or she may watch a sad film, but ultimately feel happier as he or she has exercised the need to experience emotional catharsis. In other cases, the viewer simply may want to watch a happy movie about a non-serious topic and that will often do the job, too. Merely watching pleasant images on a screen can generate all sorts of happy chemicals in the brain.

Entertainment is a fascinating phenomenon, in which humans have been participating in for thousands of years. Early types of entertainment included public banquets, musical performances, and sports games. Modern entertainment is less active than ancient entertainment once was, with less of an emphasis on social gathering and more so on viewing, as well as listening to, shows.  Modern-day audiences enjoy spectating and listening from the comfort of their own homes. This is in large part because the majority of the US population is employed in the labor sector of the workforce, meaning that the majority of their day is spent doing active tasks and at the end of the day, they prefer to be a passive audience member of their favorite TV show or radio program. Additionally, entertainment gives the viewer a happy mood that is unmatchable. Comedies, romantic comedies, and even serious films can boost the mood simply by offering the viewer entertainment value. These are benefits that are indispensable for the average American.

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