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Many people who aren’t familiar with therapy think that physiotherapists only work with elite, professional athletes. Or, some people may have the idea that they only work with the severely handicapped to help restore a measure of mobility to their lives. 

But visitors to the Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC) know that these highly qualified individuals can help you whenever you suffer from neck, lower back, knee or shoulder pain too. In fact, treating these types of joint pains and problems consumes a large portion of a physiotherapist’s day. 

Many people in these modern times have adapted to a more sedentary lifestyle, against the advice of their doctors. One of the unfortunate consequences of this modern lifestyle is increased joint injuries and pains. While these injuries can be treated, it often takes time, patience, and knowledge of how best to treat the injury and educate the patient to prevent it from recurring. 

BPC Has Developed a Four-step Process of Treatment

The physiotherapists at BPC have developed a four-step process that has successfully treated thousands of patients with lower back, neck, knee and shoulder pain. 

Eliminate Pain

They have realized that most of their patient’s aversion to effective treatment has to do with their avoidance of any pain. So, they focus on eliminating pain as the first step of treatment. They use shockwaves, lasers, and ultrasound machines to eliminate any pain so they can begin to treat the underlying problem. 

Relax the Muscles

Often a patient uses tensed up muscles as a sort of protective barrier to prevent anyone from reaching the problem area and causing more pain. At BPC, their therapists use clinical massage to relax these muscles. Relaxing the muscles also serves to start improving the range of motion in the damaged area.  

Increase the Range of Motion

Once the muscles (and the patient) are relaxed, the third step in the process is to continue increasing the range of motion in the affected area. This step requires patience and knowledge of just how far to push the therapy. Not far enough, and the patient progress can stall, push too much, and you risk damaging the area even further. 

This makes an experienced physiotherapist so crucial in this type of treatment. They have the skills to measure each patient’s progress and know how much they can be pushed and achieve the most progress in a reasonable amount of time.   

Total Recovery

The final step in the process is of education. It’s teaching the patient how to develop good habits that will prevent the injury from recurring and recommending exercises they can continue to do to increase their strength and conditioning. 

It’s also about instilling a different mindset that causes patients to focus on this prevention instead of treatment going forward. Encouraging patients to get out and spend time with their families instead of watching TV or to watch their weight as a preventative measure against recurring knee pain puts them on a positive path in life. 

To learn more about what Bangkok Physiotherapy Center can offer you in treatment for neck, back, knee and shoulder pain, make a consultation appointment with them today.  

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