Habits that have Changed Lifestyle during Quarantine

pandemic lifestyle

During the last months, the quarantine has represented changes in the habits of the population worldwide, from the traditional work model that is known to the way and family life. However, it is important not to be extremely life-altering as we know it.

Habits are made up of routines that help people to meet their goals in an orderly way, when these change in a negative way, they can lose control of a normal structure. The confinement due to the pandemic has emotional, occupational and even hygiene repercussions in most of the population.

Here are some habits that have changed during quarantine:


By not leaving home, the dynamics have changed, hours are no longer allocated to travel to work or studies, the working hours and methodology is completely different since video calls predominate. It is normal that the schedules to which you were accustomed have been modified. However, the most important thing is to establish a routine that adapts to the daily needs of each person without altering sleep, work, personal hygiene and eating schedules to maintain an active lifestyle and without variations that may be counterproductive.


By changing habits and schedules, sleep is affected, it is advisable to sleep 8 hours a day, anxiety and uncertainty, as well as a routine to which one was not accustomed, can cause insomnia and this in turn changes in Rest.

During the hours of sleep due to the stress of the day to day people tend to suffer from bruxism, which is the involuntary habit of tightening the jaw and grinding the teeth. This cause wears on the denture and makes it prone to the formation of micro cracks. So it is advisable to establish schedules and follow them in order to have an appropriate rest that helps each person to carry out their daily activities with energy.


Hunger is the physiological need to eat food, due to the body’s demand for energy. Psychological or emotional hunger is only the desire to eat, increasing the consumption of foods that provide a feeling of pleasure such as sugars or fats. Too much sugar can cause not only weight gain but also a proliferation of cavities. So it is important to have a good diet which contributes to the proper functioning of the body by giving it adequate nutrients and energy.

Personal care

Staying at home for many represents comfort, however, during quarantine it has resulted in ceasing to practice certain habits that people used to do when going out every day. As was daily showering and grooming. It is proven that during confinement women use less makeup and men shave less frequently. In addition, the number of times that people brushed their teeth has been reduced from 2.8 to 1.2 times, representing a negative impact on dental health. Since teeth are exposed to wear and tear and the creation of micro-cracks, nano particles of dirt penetrate the tooth through the cracks, creating cavities more quickly. And if they are not treated in time, they cause irreversible damage to the teeth. It is for this reason that it is advisable not to forget to brush your teeth after each meal, as well as to use floss and mouthwash to ensure proper tooth hygiene. Additionally, the dentist should be attended periodically and a Deep Ultrasonic Cleaning should be performed to guarantee comprehensive dental health.

The pandemic has caused life as we know it to undergo drastic modifications, from the way you work and study to the way you think about your daily hygiene, behavior and health habits. If people consider that they are taking unhealthy habits and feel the need to resume them, they can consult an expert who will help them find out the reason for their behavior, as well as provide them with tools to help them resume a proper lifestyle.

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