The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Relationship with Food


The longest, most in-depth and essential relationship we have to the outside world is with our food. Love it, and you can eat well and boost your wellbeing while caring for your body down to a cellular level. Hate it, and cooking is a chore, your diet isn’t great, and your mind takes the hit. Improving your relationship with food is a tough goal, but with this guide, you’ll be able to start your journey.

Address Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits vary in severity. It could be having a sweet tooth or being unhappy about eating vegetables. It could also go so much deeper, and result in binge eating, restrictive diets, bulimia or even anorexia.

Improving your relationship with food on your own is impossible for many with these advanced eating disorders. Most eating disorders, after all, appear alongside other illnesses, including anxiety and depression. That is why investing in inpatient or outpatient services from clinics like can help you understand your actions and build up the toolset necessary to sustainably recover.

Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food

With a healthier approach to food and a strong support system, you can begin to rebuild your diet. Reforming this relationship does take time, and don’t worry if you fall back into old habits. Getting back on track straight away is what matters. One slip isn’t going to hurt, just make sure you have the right tools and support system to help you return to your healthy eating plan as soon as possible.

 1.    Remove Unhealthy Temptation

When first improving your relationship with food, it is a good idea to remove temptation. Snacks and instant meals are full of unhealthy additives and addictive elements that we don’t want in our pantries. When we are tired and hungry, however, they are easy and convenient. Remove this temptation and improve your diet instantly.

2.    Fall in Love with Cooking

To eat better and enjoy a healthy relationship with food that is good for you,loving to cook is a must. Set aside time every evening to cook. Invest in better tools. Save recipes to try throughout the week.

Romance yourself, even if you are cooking alone. Put an excellent playlist on, set mood lighting –consider pouring yourself a glass of wine. If you love the process of cooking, you’ll treat yourself to tastier, healthier food.

3.    Set Rules Aside for Trying New Things

If you are hoping to expand your pallet and eat healthier, but in the past, have turned your nose up at those very same ingredients, then it is useful to set a few rules in place for yourself. Try new things at least three times in different ways before deciding whether you like something or not.

4.    Make Things from Scratch

The last great tip to take home is to make food from scratch. Make pasta from scratch, bread dough, flavored oils, sauces; the sky is the limit. Know the ingredients you put into your food and automatically eat better as a result.

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