Notes the recommendations of experts

Notes the recommendations of experts

Daniel Palavicini gets up at seven o’clock on weekdays, and half an hour later is on the way to his office, which arrives around 8:25 hours. He has not had no water, but his secretary expected and a good strong coffee, “to start your day on the right foot.” It pending the previous day job, and must submit a report before 10:00, so that stress begins to rise, along with heartburn. After personal and telephone discussions, and answer emails 32, 11:00 have a meeting with customers, where coffee and cookies abound. To celebrate the end of the contract resulting from the meeting, they go to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

Before digestive, Daniel can not even move the abdominal pain and heartburn. Linitis, colitis, gastritis, ulcer dyspepsia and other ailments rather than ending in “itis” (inflammation), are exacerbated by stress to which they are subjected thousands people like Daniel, have terrible eating habits and jobs that undergo constant pressure.

According to Dr. Rafael Perez Huacuja, gastroenterologist certified by the Mexican Council of Gastroenterology, currently the medical criterion focuses the kind of life as one of the essential factors that determine disease, which serves to explain a wide variety of diseases, from cardiovascular to the digestive system. “Stress is a trigger mechanism, although we can not say what the cause not should it be thought to be the only villain film.

The diseases in general and urban life in particular will vary, it is obviously a stressful lifestyle, a person will manifest with much greater ease and intensity either condition, “he said. Lately they have come on the market many effective drugs to control stomach acidity, asserts, however, have increased malfunction disorders involving the gastrointestinal tract. “irritable bowel syndrome, commonly known as colitis, the program alters the digestive tract, and is manifested by pain abdominal disorder, bloating, and constipation or diarrhea; or mixed episodes well. “Stress causes the body to produce substances such as adrenaline, which influence through the nervous system in the movement and feeling of the bowel and viscera, therefore, to the boiled chicken painless” he says.

And many people as a pretext to reduce stress a cigarette smoke or drink, said they take. “That, coupled with long periods of fasting or eating anything in the street with spicy, realizing that I do not digest well and I get stressed because maybe it’s cancer, complicates the whole picture, “he explained. The body has a physiological mechanism through which tries to adapt to unfavorable conditions, he added.

“In London during World War II cases of gastric ulcers soared and duodenal general, stress tips the balance toward the side of the disease. Now there planes bombard us, but criminals or politicians, who sometimes are the same, which of course affects the digestive system. ” Diseases digestive system that exacerbates stress – Gastritis – gastroesophageal reflux disease – Colitis – Dyspepsia, box alteration of the digestive system that simulates the symptoms of an ulcer – Ulcers Combatelas If you already have stomach problems: – See your doctor to determine the type of problem you have. – Follow the treatment and diet to indicate you do not put the lack of time as an excuse.

Reduce fat intake and irritants such as coffee, soft drinks and spicy. – Practice sport or relaxation technique.

If you must go to a business lunch or dinner, eat light the day. – Reduce alcohol and stop smoking.

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