Charter a Yacht in Phuket for a Luxury Getaway of a Lifetime


Many people have their hearts set on taking a long trip this upcoming holiday season. They‘ve been unable to travel for the past couple of years with the border closures caused by the pandemic, but couples and families now have the freedom to travel again. Surprise your loved ones by chartering a luxury yacht in Phuket to celebrate this long-awaited freedom.  

Phuket has opened its doors to tourists once again, and if you’ve never visited the region before, you’re in for a spectacular treat. Phang Nga Bay is a large bay formed by the island of Phuket to the west and the Thai mainland to the east. It’s a bay full of stunningly beautiful islands with cliffs, pristine beaches, turquoise coves, and lush jungles to explore. 

If you’re a movie-lover, you’ve doubtlessly seen glimpses of the islands in the bay. They’ve served as the backdrops in movies through the years, including The Man with the Golden Gun, The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Hangover Part II, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Hollywood has been in love with this region of the world for years because of the lush scenery and sun-kissed beaches. 

Explore the Region in Luxurious Comfort

There are many boat-hire services in Phuket that will take you on a day tour of the islands in Phang Nga Bay. But touring the islands for a day means you can’t really soak up the exotic atmosphere of the many caves, lagoons, cliffside hanging gardens and tropical jungles of the islands. You’re always on a schedule to see as much as possible within a day. 

You and your loved ones deserve a special holiday where you can explore the islands at your leisure aboard a spacious luxury yacht. Luckily, Phuket is home to one of the largest, full-service boat brokerages in Southeast Asia. Boat Lagoon Yachting can put you aboard any one of their many spacious luxury yachts. 

Good Hands

Boat Lagoon Yachting can arrange all the details, so all you and your family have to do is show up, kick off your shoes, and enjoy your cruise around the islands of Phuket. You’ll be in good hands with an experienced captain and crew who know the region well and can take you to the most beautiful spots in Phang Nga Bay.

You can decide on how many days to book your yacht, and Boat Lagoon Yachting will have your boat stocked with all your favourite foods and drinks for the duration. They can also arrange for water sports equipment like kayaks and snorkelling gear to be available onboard. Imagine dining under the stars and sleeping aboard your yacht in Phang Nga Bay!  This holiday season, why not plan a special post-pandemic getaway of a lifetime by booking a luxurious yacht for an extended tour of Phang Nga Bay off the coast of Phuket? Contact Boat Lagoon Yachting to choose your yacht and itinerary today and surprise your loved ones with a magical tropical holiday.

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