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You cannot go on a holiday with children without travel games, this is something that every parent who is preparing to pack their bags knows. What perhaps every mum and dad might need instead, is a suggestion on which games to bring, especially if they have small children, a boost on the choice of travel games more or less suitable for going on a family holiday.

#1. Distinguish which trip we need to make

When choosing the travel game we must always put the type of travel we are going to do first . Let me explain. If we are going to leave for a vacation in one place or if it is a traveling trip, an on the road for example. This will affect the size, bulk, and weight of the toy, even the material is to be evaluated. Based on the type of trip we will also choose the toys to take with us, especially by evaluating if they are actually in the suitcase, in the car it is always easier to bring what we or our child wants, while if we travel by plane, the choice becomes harder. In your long journey online pokies could be a good companion.

#2. What travel toys to take with you

The best friend, who is usually a stuffed animal or something similar, always travels with the child. It is usually a point of reference for him; it often also helps him fall asleep outside the home. I would say that it is what is usually defined as a “must to have”, almost mandatory. Secondly, something is needed to engage them during transfers, by car as by plane, by train as by ship. Usually the best games are the ones that activate cognitive or learning skills, the ones that basically keep them engaged. Drawings, puzzles, small board games that can also be done on the road, constructions, I have seen that they work well and above all they keep children calm. Adult can enjoy their off time by playing best online casinos usa.

#3. A winning travel game

Among the many proposals for travel games, I found this magnetic board very interesting and suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years. It is a multifunctional game and the thing that I liked the most in the initial phase is that it is a box, so you can keep all the contents inside, which proves to be very useful when traveling. It has magnets, markers and chalks, so it lends itself to different activities and contains them all.

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