Buying a meat smoker for the barbecue enthusiast in the family


Are you shopping for a meat smoker right now? Are you confused about what model works best? Here are some of the most popular models on the market right now, along with a brief description of their features and ease of use. Be sure to keep in mind the amount of space you have in your home for such a smoker. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is definitely a list of the top 5 models that are popular with meat smokers right now.

Vertical smoker

Vertical smokers typically tend to take up less space. At the bottom is the heating source, where you can either put charcoal or use the pre-fitted electric or gas heating already in place. A water pan is placed above and on the top is the smoking chamber for your meat. The vertical smoker is fairly easy to use, and hence, quite popular with customers. Electricsmokercenter.comfeatures electric vertical smokers which have great reviews. Check out all your options before making the decision about which meat smoker you want to bring home.

Horizontal smoker

The horizontal smoker is for customers who have a lot of space in their home, garage or backyard. It is a horizontal grill with a smaller unit on the side where the heat and smoke come from. A good horizontal smoker will have no smoke coming out from the space between the two chambers. The horizontal smoker is difficult to operate and master. So the question is, are you willing to make the required investment in terms of time and money? Be sure to do your research about the necessary features in your horizontal smoker.

Box smoker

The box smoker is similar to a vertical smoker. The only thing missing from the box smoker is a water chamber. The most important aspect of a box smoker is the insulation on the walls that should keep the heat inside the box. A proper insulation will make sure that the meat is smoked and cooked thoroughly. A good box smoker is expensive and is usually either gas or electric.

Drum smoker

The drum smoker is probably the simplest smoker among all the options in terms of operation and design. The design is simple. The firebox is at the bottom. A grill goes on top, where the meat is placed, and it comes with a sealable lid. There are vents in this design that allow you to control the temperature and heat. Most drum smokers use charcoal as the heat source.

Oven smoker

The oven smoker is perfect for those who cannot spend time manning their smoker for long periods of time. This is a great device for those who smoke meat for hours at a time. Such a smoker has a panel that allows you to control the temperature, which is pretty great. These are mostly electric smokers since the temperature needs to be controlled. The oven smoker is great because once the meat is cooked at the desired temperature, it sets the temperature at something called the holding temperature, which stops cooking the meat and keeps it warm.

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