3 Types of Law Practice To Consider

While you are in law school, you will likely be exposed to many facets of the legal code. There are many different types of law practiced by lawyers and attorneys. It can be useful to learn as much about different parts of the law as possible while in school, but once you graduate, you’ll probably need to find one specific kind of law to practice. The kind of law you choose to go into can depend on your location, your interests, your career goals and more. Here are some options for the types of law you may choose to practice once you’re out of school.

1. Family Law

Family law is a broad field, and you may choose to practice one specific type of family law or offer diverse services. Many family lawyers are divorce lawyers, but some assist with adoption, domestic violence, child custody, youth delinquency and more. 

It can be important to think of where you want to practice as well as what kind of services you’ll offer. The job of a Knoxville divorce lawyer will be very different from the job of a Chicago adoption attorney. Specific cities, states and countries can offer different markets for your practice.

2. Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are often more highly-paid than other professionals in their field. This can be an aspect of law worth practicing if you are interested in building a career or climbing the corporate ladder. Tax lawyers are often very important to large businesses. They keep companies in compliance with the complex tax system and make sure businesses can maximize profits with minimal tax liabilities. Tax lawyers can also help individuals file their taxes and even get refunds from the government. A good head for numbers can be important when looking to practice tax law.

3. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law may be the aspect of the law most civilians are familiar with. Law procedural television shows have brought audiences inside the courtroom into the world of criminal law. Some criminal lawyers choose to be defense attorneys while others become prosecutors. Your responsibilities may change depending on which side of the courtroom you choose to be on. You may represent individuals, businesses or even a branch of the government. Regardless of the direction you go, however, a strong understanding of the legal code as well as courtroom etiquette are important for a criminal lawyer. 

Our complex legal code has led to lawyers offering many different, diverse and specific services. The examples mentioned above are just a small selection of the different types of law practices you may choose to pursue. It can be useful to study the law as broadly as possible in order to decide what aspect to practice after your education is complete. Whatever type of law you choose to practice, it can be important to study hard and become well-versed in all of the intricacies of the legal code. Offering your clients quality service and yielding the results they want can help keep your practice in business.

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