Top 5 Workplace Hazards You Should Watch out for

workplace safety

Regardless of the company’s size, every employer must create a safe and secure working environment. This responsibility is a legal and moral imperative that makes a huge financial sense. Also, thanks to the government agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the United States has made a great leap in workplace safety over the past few years. Also, the number of injuries related to working conditions has decreased, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In addition, the nature of work you do can make you more vulnerable to injuries. For instance, working in the construction industry puts you at a higher risk of injuries. Therefore, you should work with a construction accident lawyer if you get injured at work.

Types of hazards

In any work environment, you can face various things that can put your health at risk. They include:

·         Chemical hazards

·         Biological hazards

·         Physical hazards

The following are some of the leading work hazards to look out for and what you can do to avoid them to keep yourself safe:

Fire risk

The business you work in doesn’t matter; a fire risk is always present. That is why it is crucial to be well informed about fire safety policies. With the proper safety and health training, you will be well aware of what to do if a fire breaks out, where the emergency exits are located and where the extinguishers and axes are. You will also know the type of fire extinguishers to use for a particular fire category. If you are a new employee, consider taking part in regular fire drills, and make sure that you know how the sprinklers and alarm systems work.

Noise hazards

When thinking about workplace hazards, most workers think of simple things like fire, falls and slips, and electrocution. While these are among the leading industrial hazards, noise is dangerous, especially in big factories. Noise can be harmful as it can cause damage to your hearing. If the noise is too loud and there is nothing you can do to reduce it, it is advisable to protect your hearing by wearing earplugs and noise-blocking earmuffs.

Dangerous substances

These are mostly chemical substances like cleaning products and bodily fluids that you can face, especially in a medical-based business. If your working environment is confined and poorly ventilated, you are at a greater risk of breathing in the vapor and fumes. And apart from inhaling the harmful chemicals, there is the risk of skin irritation resulting from solvents and chemicals. Besides, you can suffer eye injury or lose sight if chemicals get splashed in the eyes.

Therefore, it will be very important to protect your eyes by wearing eyewear. You should also wear protective clothing to protect your skin whenever you handle chemicals. In addition, all chemicals and solvents must be labeled correctly. And to be safer, you should get hazardous substance safety training.

Electrical hazards

Almost every business operates using electricity, meaning everyone is at risk of electrocution. Electric shocks can be deadly, and it is crucial to know how to work around them. The best thing to do is take part in health and safety training. This will allow you to know if an electric system is faulty, how to maintain installations, and, more importantly, what you are not supposed to do in the event of an electric fire.

Trips, slips, and falls

This is very common in the workplace. Falls, slips, and trips can happen anytime, especially if the floor is wet if there are items on the path or the surfaces are uneven. Tripping and falling at work places you at great risk of fractured bones, concussions, brain damage, or death. So, preventative measures must be followed.

Bottom line

All the above hazards are just the tip of the iceberg. Many other hazards exist in the workplace, and identifying them needs caution and observance. To increase your safety, you should take part in health and safety training, wear personal protective equipment, and always beware of your surroundings.

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